BOX OFFICE: Chinese film fans lashes out at censors for cutting out Skyfall scenes!

BOX OFFICE: Chinese film fans lashes out at censors for cutting out Skyfall scenes!

Chinese film fans are complianing about the censors who cut scenes out of the new James Bond film Skyfall. The Chinese film fans are saying the censores ruined the film.

According to numerous reports, Chinas censorship government has cut numerous scenes in the new James Bond film Skyfall for its China release. The Chinese film fans aren't liking the end results of the final cuts that were made to the film. Many Chinese film fans are saying the censors have ruined the new Bond flick.

A scene with Javier Bardem, in which he mentions having suffered torture at the hands of Chinese security agents were taking out. Another scene that was depicting prostitution in Macau --a special administrative region of China was also taken out.

Chinese film fans are lashing out over the Internet and complaining about the cuts the censors made to the film.

"Are they afraid of copy-cat killings by other criminals?" asked Leslie Zhuang, a very angry and disappointed viewer in an online posting. "If scenes like this are cut, you may as well not import the film"!

"I'd rather watch the pirated DVD," said Li Xiaotian, another Internet user, who's hinting at the illegal copies of films that are easy to come by in China.

Xinhua news agency said the cuts had prompted calls to improve in the way films are censored.

Reasons are never given by the censorship government why cuts are being made to foriegn films. China imposes strict rules over what films are allowed to be seen by the public, banning what it considers any negative potrayal of contemporary politics or issues it says might lead to social unrest.

I reported in my artical China vs Hollywood on 1/21/13 that Chinas film makers are saying the censorships are holding the Chinese film makers back creatively. Maybe this is another prime example and this backlash will probaly give the Chinese film makers freedom from the censors to create as they please?
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