Brief Trailer Descriptions For Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol And Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Brief Trailer Descriptions For <i>Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol</i> And <i>Transformers: Dark Of The Moon</i>

Hit the jump to read description for the new Transformers: Dark Of The Moon trailer and the first Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol teaser.

Two new trailers were shown at the Russian International Film Market. And thanks to a /Film reader we now have a descriptions. One of them is the new trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and the other is the first teaser for Brad Bird - directed Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Josh Holloway.

First up, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon:

"The CGI looks even better than the two first films [put] together. There are some really innovative visual decisions and the 3D has an amazing quality. There was one kinda big spot with Sam and his new blond girlfriend that helps him get a job. Since everyone cares about her being in this film, from this spot I can tell that she [demands] much of the attention. It feels so [forced] when the camera catches her to show everyone her sexiness when it’s not really needed. Well, yes, she looks sexy, and from that spot she didn’t [show] any emotion on her face, [either]."

And here is the Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol:

"It’s kind of hard to say why it was so impressive, but it was. And I’ve talked to bunch of people, and everyone [agrees] that it was trailer of the day. It works so hard, especially when the trailer comes to its ending, [where] we see Tom Cruise hanging down on the world’s biggest building in Dubai. It really blew mind. Maybe the reason for its success is in the fact that we haven’t see something like that for a long time…a large scale spy thriller going all around the world.

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