Christopher Lambert Unsure About HIGHLANDER Remake

Christopher Lambert Unsure About HIGHLANDER Remake

Hit the jump to see the original Highlander Connor Mcleod(Christopher Lambert) sharing his thoughts on how the remake should be made.

Well it seems no one has a clue about the Highlander remake, not even Christopher Lambert, the original Highlander (Don't get me started about the series I refused it existed after that horrendous movie called Highlander: EndGame). It seems that Lambert has no idea what is happening with the remake but that hasn't stopped him from offering advice (Probably so Peter Davis the original producer of the franchise and producer of the remake can listen). As to what Lambert shared with one of the reporters of Digital Spy, he said this. "I have been hearing for it(the remake) for 5 years I never saw the script (A leaked first draft of the remake is on the web written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, the guys who brought us Iron Man) I heard from some people fiancers foreign buyers stuff like that, that they don't want a movie that will be an exact replica of the first one."

The actor praised the director Russel Mulcahy (Highlander, Highlander:The Quickneing, The Shadow and RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION) and of course the legendary rock band Queen who provided songs for the movie like Gimme The Prize, Kind of Magic, New York New York, and the more iconic Princes Of The Universe.

Lambert shared some advice: "You can redo Highlander but dont make a copy of the first movie try to reinvent the movie and more importantly try to find the new Queen". For more check the interview brought to you by Digital Spy from their YOUTUBE channel.

As far as we know, the reboot has lost its second director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intacto, Intruders, 28 WEEKS LATER) and now it has lost its main star Ryan Reynolds, leaving the reboot stuck in develpment hell. What are your thoughts on a Highlander reboot? Would you like something different in the remake? Discuss in the usual place below.
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