First James Bond Dialogue In SKYFALL Revealed & Ola Rapace Divulges New Details

First James Bond Dialogue In SKYFALL Revealed & Ola Rapace Divulges New Details

First snippets of Skyfall dialogue has leaked, feauring a brief, but key moment between Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem. Also, actor Ola Rapace shares new information about his role.

A source for The Telegraph is reporting the first bits of dialogue spoken from 007 himself, Daniel Craig and Skyfall's main villain, Silva, played by Javier Bardem.

The air is cold and damp on the set, the actor is deep in the bowels of the London Underground, reconstructed on the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios.

Daniel Craig limbers up, swaying his hips from side-to-side and stretching his arms across his chest before assuming his starting position, tensing every muscle in his body to become James Bond.

As the camera rolls he snaps his Walther PPK up from his hip and locks his target in his sights. "I've got bad news, Silva," he warns. "Me too," comes Javier Bardem's villainous reply.

Seconds later a bomb rips through the roof of the tunnel.

If you're wondering who Ola Rapace is than just look at the new Skyfall image above, he's the guy on the police motorcycle. Anyways, the actor recently participated in a rather revealing interview with Expressen.

Ola tells Expressen that he will be playing the role of James Bond's opening scene nemesis, Patrice. The role will take his character from Shanghai to Adana.

His morning, when Expressen spoke to Rapace, consisted of a major stunt: jumping from a bridge to a moving train. He was previously involved with a high octane motorbike chase that the second unit have been overseeing on the Kasim G├╝lek Bridge.

Ola explains to the paper how Sam Mendes himself sought out the actor for this particular role. It is a high-action role and initially production executives thought that Patrice could be played by a stunt professional. Mendes, however, insisted on casting Rapace. "The tried out a huge number of stuntmen. I was incredibly flattered and happy that he wanted me to do it," the actor told the media. Mendes, he went on to explain, was particularly taken with Rapace's role in "Tillsammans" ("Together") and classes it as one of his favourite films. Garry Powell, stunt coordinator added: "He was by far our biggest favorite during the auditions and brought a tremendous energy. You know he is a good competitor to Bond. He has the physics and the acting. We got the whole package." -

Skyfall, Craig's third outing as James Bond will be released on October 26, 2012. Daniel Craig will be joined by Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, as well as a Judi Dench as M.

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