Griff The Invisible Teaser Promo Video Online!

<i>Griff The Invisible</I> Teaser Promo Video Online!

Office worker by day, superhero by night. Yes, first look at drama superhero comedy Griff The Invisible, plus extra interview videos too...

Griffin is a fictional character, the eponym and antagonist of H. G. Wells's science fiction novel titled The Invisible Man. Which was first published in 1897. Griffin is a young scientist who wants to create the ultimate humanoid by creating a race of invisible people.

This movies a take on that and stars True Blood star Ryan Kwanten as Griff which is set in Australia. Griff, is a socially awkward and bullied office worker (just like Clark Kent) and at night, he turns vigilante his alter-ego to protect his neighborhood in Melbourne.

He juggles this double life quite well until he meets a girl named Melody (Maeve Dermody) and has his world turned upside down. Melody, a beautiful young scientist who is just as socially awkward as Griff is and shares his passion for the impossible.


Ryan Kwanten Interview:

Maeve Dermody on the story of Griff the Invisible:

Nicole O'Donohue, producer on Griff the Invisible:

Griff The Invisible is directed by Leon Ford.

Starring: Ryan Kwanten as Griff

Maeve Dermody as Melody

Kelly Paterniti as Gina

Heather Mitchell as Bronwyn

Marshall Napier as Benson

Toby Schmitz as Tony

David Webb as Gary

Kate Mulvany as Cecilia

Patrick Brammall as Tim

Chan Griffin as Top Hat

Anthony Phelan as Detective Stone

LEEE777 - I think Griff looks great superhero fun, how about you?
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