Spielberg Confirms INDIANA JONES 5 Will Be Ford's Last; Comments On A Possible Female Take On The Character

Spielberg Confirms INDIANA JONES 5 Will Be Ford's Last; Comments On A Possible Female Take On The Character

Ready Player One director Steven Spielberg has revealed that Indiana Jones 5 will indeed be Harrison Ford's last time in the role, and comments on the possibility of a female Jones. Check it out...

Next to nothing is known about the upcoming Indiana Jones 5, save for the fact that it will again see the return of Patriot Games actor Harrison Ford in the iconic fedora, and that Steven Spielberg is set to go into production on the film sometime next year with an aim for a 2020 release. 

While speaking to The Sun newspaper, however, Spielberg did reveal what many had previously speculated that "this will be Harrison Ford’s last Indiana Jones movie, I am pretty sure" before adding  "but it will certainly continue after that".

There's been discussion online for a while now about where the franchise could go once Ford retires from it, with some having floated names like Chris Pratt for a potential Bond-style recast, while others are in favor of a Mutt Williams-like surrogate character to continue on the franchise. 

The legendary filmmaker further stated that he's well aware that there would be outrage if the role were ever to be recast, but did mention that post-Ford might be an opportunity for the character to continue in a "different form”. When asked if this could possibly mean a female version of the adventure hero, Spielberg nodded saying  "we'd have to change the name from Jones to Joan. And there would be nothing wrong with that." 

Obviously, his first point is somewhat in jest as Jones is the character's surname and not gender specifi -  but the fact that the director is not totally opposed to the idea is an interesting one. Could the Indiana Jones franchise follow the likes of Star Wars and others to revive itself under a strong female lead? Or is that simply Tomb Raider?

Whatever the future holds for the franchise, we have until 10th July 2020 when Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters before we have to start thinking about a Harrison Ford-less Indy film. 

What do you think? Would you like to see a female-led Indiana Jones film? How would you like to see the franchise continue? Leave your thoughts below. 
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