IronMan24 reviews: Buried

Yes I know this isn't a CBM, but it has our very own Green Lantern in it. My first review.

This isn't so much a review on the film Buried itself, but more a review on Ryan Reynolds.

Let me just say this is my first review so please be easy on me.

Synopsis: Buried is a movie in which a truck driver (Reynolds) by the name of Paul Conroy is buried underground in a coffin. The only two things that he has is a cell phone, with dying battery, and a lighter.
Reynolds Performance: Personally, I think this is Ryan Reynolds best film that he has done, ever. This is an entire movie where all the spotlight is on Reynolds. I haven’t seen him in a lot of serious films (Who has?) but I have always liked his work. So when I first saw the trailer I thought to myself, "Ryan Reynolds in a box for an hour and a half? It will be a typical Ryan Reynolds film." Myself being a Green Lantern fan convinced me to watch this movie to see if there could ever be a serious side to Reynolds. I wasn't disappointed. Reynolds shows true emotion in this film, which as a Green Lantern fan, makes me feel very confident about the movie. Throughout the entire movie he was Paul Conroy, not Ryan Reynolds. But on the contrast, there were a couple moments where he does act like Reynolds, but in my opinion it fits with the scenes he does it in. Overall, I have never seen Reynolds act like this in a movie before. He actually cries in this movie which was shocking to see. This film showed that he is an actor who can do all genres in the movie industry.

On The Film Itself: This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Reynolds’s performance made the film amazing. The plot was great, the directing was great, and the actors who talked to Reynolds when he was on the phone were great. This was just a great film. This movie is highly recommended to anyone who doesn't feel confident about the Green Lantern movie. I give the movie 5/5 stars.

My new opinion on the movie Green Lantern: When I first heard that Ryan Reynolds was cast to play Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, I thought it was a great decision. Once again I have always like his work and I personally thought he would make a great Green Lantern. When I saw the first released picture of Reynolds in the Green Lantern suit released at ComicCon, I got even more excited. Then when I first saw the ET preview of the movie, I started to get worried. I thought that the movie would be a typical Reynolds film and would be a disaster. I was starting to have second thoughts about the movie. But when the first trailer was released, I began to get more confident about the movie. First portion of the trailer is a little shaky, but the last parts of the trailer look absolutely amazing. Now after watching Buried, I believe that if Reynolds shows that side of his acting talent, that this might be one of the best CBM's of all time. I HIGHLY RECOMEND Buried.
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