KAPOW '12: Gareth Edwards Offers GODZILLA Update; Nacho Vigalondo Talks SUPERCROOKS

KAPOW '12: Gareth Edwards Offers GODZILLA Update; Nacho Vigalondo Talks SUPERCROOKS

Gareth Edwards offers up a very brief update on the status of Godzilla, while Supercrooks Nacho Vigalondo writer and director talks about working with Mark Millar and reveals how progress on the adaptation is currently going.

Talking at a special director's panel at the Kapow! Comic Convention in London today, Gareth Edwards (Monster and Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes) offered the following updates on two big projects they're tackling. For Edwards, that's a remake of Godzilla, while Vigalondo is working on a big screen adaptation of Mark Millar and Lenil Yu's Supercrooks. They were joined by Kick-Ass 2 writer and director Jeff Wadlow, and you can find his comments on how work on that movie is doing by clicking HERE.

"It's going great and I'm genuinely excited about it. We're just working really hard with Legendary, who have been fantastic. Thomas Tull has just been an absolute pleasure and nothing like the experience they warn you about when you go to Hollywood. I can't say much other than I hope that we'll have some proper news soon. So you won't have to wait too long at all."

"Well, we are in the worst part of the whole film making process which is waiting. We spent almost a year working on the script and on different drafts, going back and forth trading emails with the production company and everything. I had this lucky chance of writing with Mark and so I feel like, it's a strange feeling, because at the same time I feel like a lot has happened, but at the same time I'm so deep in the project because I've been writing all the sequences, all the dialogue with the creator of the comic book. He was so nice to me that he decided to include me as a co-plotter in the comic book because of the kind of ideas we were drafting for the movie. I feel really honoured. I've been a big fan of Mark's since the 90s and since the very first comic books from Mark which were edited in Spain. I'm a fan."

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