Khary Payton Reveals That He And The Rest Of The Cast Have Been Released From POWERS

Khary Payton Reveals That He And The Rest Of The Cast Have Been Released From POWERS

Called "as difficult an adaptation as I’ve ever worked on," by FX President John Landgraf, actor Khary Payton (who played Cutter in the pilot) reveals that both he and the rest of the cast have now been released from their contracts.

In the following video interview with Comic Book Resources, Khary Payton offers an update on the small screen adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Oeming's Powers, revealing some disappointing news for fans. It appears that each of the actors cast in the pilot have now moved on to other projects (understandably so) and been released from their contracts by FX. What this means for the long-gestating show remains to be seen. The actor also discusses Young Justice and more.

"The thing is that it's so cool. It's SO cool! I love it. I love 'Powers.' I love Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming. Those guys are – I honestly think they just cast me in it so that I'd go buy all their comic books. I have no time for my three-year-old anymore. I'm reading Brian Bendis and putting Michael's picture on my wall.

"But they're amazing, and there really is a commitment. The higher ups want to do this so badly because they know it's going to be the coolest thing on television. But it's hard. It's a hard concept, I think, to get. And they had to step back and start over again. From what I hear, the plan is still moving forward.

"Unfortunately, we – all of the actors – got released. They're literally starting over. They want to do it again. And fortunately and unfortunately, I'm doing another show, and I still hope beyond hope that I can be a part of 'Powers.' But I'm happy to be working. But things are happening with 'Powers' absolutely. There are scripts being turned out. They just want more material to hear that they're getting it right."

Following this interview, Comic Book Resources reached out to a representative from FX who said, "I won’t comment on any of the actors contracts, but I’ll tell you this project is not dead, and it is still to be determined if we’ll move forward with reshoots on the pilot. There is currently no timetable on when to move forward."

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