New Images of James Bond In SKYFALL & Brief Description Of Casino Scene

New Images of James Bond In SKYFALL & Brief Description Of Casino Scene

Scans of the French Magazine Studio Ciné Live have provided us with some brand new official images of James Bond in Sam Mendes' Skyfall. Also, revealing highlights from the article.

Images Courtesy of Marketto at MI6 Community







Thanks to boby at MI6 Community for the translation

- The costume designer Jany Temine wants to modernize James Bond while retaining him an old school side (maybe like she did for the third Harry Potter?)

- The movie will film in Scotland, in Shanghai, Turkey AND Macau

- A scene of "crash" would be expected for the sequence of the subway.

- The journalist witnessed the shooting of a scene: the arrival of James Bond in a floating casino in Macao (I think the dragons we saw on the picture of Pinewood come from this set)

- For the scene in the set with the glasses and the neon lights that we saw in the videos and the first official image, the idea is to multiply Bond's reflection. The designer wanted that decor to reflect both the spirit of James Bond and what he saw. And here, Bond must appear as a character back from the dead.

- Sam Mendes promises they never pushed the character in such limits

- The scene of Macau: Bond leaves his hotel room and goes to the casino by boat (he is standing on the boat, dressed in a tuxedo). The boat passes between the two dragon heads and a firework is fired. The scene has a certain gravity and Mendes put a mysterious depth in it. The journalist said that the casino "looks like a kingdom of the dead"


- Mendes doesn't say "Bond girl" but "James Bond ladies"

- Jany Temine said that Berenice's character would be a "bad girl" so she wanted to dress her like a "femme fatale". But Berenice does not answer clearly to the question of which side belongs her character (she must be ambiguous, not completely bad)

- Sam Mendes loves Casino Royale and Daniel Craig, because for the first time since Connery, the character of Bond was no longer outside the action and the film wasn't ironic about the hero. He also learned the codes of the series and wants to bring things that has never been seen before.

- Mendes confirms the return of some iconic characters of the saga (so Q is not the only one). He also confirms he wants to bring more humor than in the last two movies. He wants to explore the roots of the MI6, as to make a loop with Dr No (probably for the 50th anniversary)

- And finally, Mendes reveals some thematics of SkyFall: what changed in fifty years? Should the MI6 evolve or stay as it was fifty years ago? Who are the new enemies of the XXI century? Who is Q : an inventor of gadgets that have become increasingly importants or a man who invents new ways to kill people?

If you would like to read the full article, you can find all the scans here.

Skyfall, Craig's third outing as James Bond will be released on October 26, 2012. Daniel Craig will be joined by Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, as well as a Judi Dench as M.

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