In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes... well we might want to think about adding the Power Rangers to that list as Saban Brands has announced that the "teenagers with attitudes" are coming back for a 22nd season.

Earlier this week, Saban Brands announced their plans for the future of the Power Rangers franchise with the announcement of Power Rangers Dino Charge, which will be the 22nd season in the iconic Power Rangers franchise. It is set to make its debut on Nickelodeon in early 2015. The new show will reunite the Rangers with what arguably made them so popular so many years ago, dinosaurs, or well dinosaur-themed powers & zords.

Here is the official description of the new series:

On pre-historic planet Earth, an alien secretly entrusted the powerful Paragon Prisms to 12 majestic dinosaurs for protection, but when asteroids hit and the dinosaurs went extinct, the prisms were lost.

In Power Rangers Dino Charge, set in present day, an intergalactic bounty hunter has arrived, determined to locate the prisms, harness their power, and destroy Earth. To face this threat, a new team of heroic Power Rangers must join together, find all of the lost prisms, and use their prehistoric energy to charge up an arsenal of dino-fueled swords, blasters, zords and Megazords in order to save the world!

The President of Saban Brands, Elie Dekel, made this statement following the announcement: "Power Rangers Dino Charge will be a strong addition to the Power Rangers franchise, by reintroducing the dinosaur theme, which global trends show is popular with boys, we know fans will find this next season larger than life!"

Bandai America Incorporated will continue to act as the global master toy licensee for the Power Rangers franchise by creating an all-new dinosaur themed product line for the series. "We are excited to deliver a new toy line for Power Rangers Dino Charge," said Akihiro Sato, CEO of Bandai America Incorporated. "This dinosaur theme is a proven success in Japan, having seen the strongest toy sales in 10 years. We look forward to building on this popularity around the world."

Check out the new poster below:

The Power Rangers are currently in the midst of their 20th Anniversary celebration, which is set to culminate in the season finale of Power Rangers: Super Megaforce. The finale episode, titled "Legendary Battle," is expected to bring back classic rangers such as Jason David Frank, Selwyn Ward, Patricia Ja Lee, Danny Slavin, Reggie Rolle, Melody Perkins, Sean Cw Johnson, Alison MacInnis, and Jason Faunt.

Catch the season premiere of Power Rangers: Super Megaforce this Saturday, February 15, at 12:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon in the U.S.

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