RUMOR: Big Screen Adaption Of MACGYVER TV Series Has A Director!

RUMOR: Big Screen Adaption Of MACGYVER TV Series Has A Director!

The hit 80's action/adventure TV series has long been rumored to receive the big screen treatment. It looks like this project may be real after all, as a director has now possibly been tapped to helm Mac's feature film outing. Click the link for details!

The hugely-popular 80's TV show has been long said to receive an outing on the big screen. A couple of days ago it was announced that New Line Cinema has hired Australian director James Wan(Saw, Insidious) to helm Mac's first big screen adventure. This doesn't come as a surprise to me as "MacGyver" has gained recent popularity: Cloo TV network re-aring the entire series, Netflix instant streaming(I became a fan of this great show, watched the entire series and even the TV movies!), unofficial webisodes(car marketing campaign), and a five-issue comic book mini-series.

The director has work mostly based in the horror genre of film. James Wan has stated that he was a big fan of the show growing up, which should be a huge relief to fans. Even the creator of "MacGyver" himself, Lee David Zlotoff, liked James Wan's take on the extremely resourceful secret agent --

His vision for the film sounds almost identical to mine so I’m excited.

Those are the kinds of things you want to hear with a project like this! The big question on every fan's mind is, will Richard Dean Anderson reprise his role as MacGyver? If they are taking ques from the comic book, the answer would be no. And if they plan this as a trilogy(spanning years and years), I don't think Richard Dean Anderson would be up for it. I would personally love for him to come back! I just can't imagine anyone else playing Mac!

If the role is recast... at least show respect to Richard and have him be involved with the movie in some capacity. I stated this as a rumor in the headline, because I couldn't find this news reported anywhere else, which is very odd that a story this big wouldn't be picked up by other sites. So take this with a grain of salt as you would with all rumors.

And yes, "MacGyver" is now officially a comic book property:

This actually isn't the final cover used, only a concept, but the nods to the show's intro(watch video below) are great easter eggs for fans.

For anyone feeling nostalgic:

How do you feel about the director? Do you think if Richard Dean Anderson isn't playing MacGyver, should they even bother? Sound off in the comments section below.
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