RUMOR: Clive Owen To Take Over As James Bond After Next Movie?

RUMOR: Clive Owen To Take Over As James Bond After Next Movie?

Hit the jump for some bizarre claims about the future of the James Bond franchise, including the news that Clive Owen will be taking over as the British spy after Daniel Craig stars in the 23rd installment...

A little odd this one. Fiore Mastracci of The Examiner has come up with a fair few wild claims about the future of the James Bond franchise, the highlights of which you can read below. I thought I'd share it with you as it makes for something of an interesting read, but as this is the same site that claimed John Cena and The Rock are competing for a role in Superman, I wouldnt take it too seriously.

The first battle staged over BOND 23 had to do with its star, Daniel Craig. There was a concerted effort to oust Craig as Bond and insert Clive Owen. Owen has coveted the role for some time and was on the original short list of possible Bonds before Craig was selected.

After the success of CASINO ROYALE, MGM signed Craig to a two picture contract extension. To dump Craig now would have cost the financially strapped MGM an unacceptable amount in a buyout. BOND 23 keeps Craig as Bond, the majority of the public unaware of the PR snafus and the cost reasonable. Pundits within MGM are alluding to this being Craig’s swan song however, and Owen as the front runner for his replacement in BOND 24.

Due to the delay caused by keeping Craig for another film, Owen is said to be asking for a three picture commitment for Bond, something MGM may not want to do.

To read more about the ridiculous reasons for the so-called falling out between Daniel Craig and MGM (nonsense about the actor being captured by this tabloid in a "compromising position") follow the link below. The Examiner is far from a reliabe source, so I'd advise taking this with a huge grain of salt for the time being. Do you buy it? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

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