Set Pic from the Heavy Metal Live Action Series

Set Pic from the Heavy Metal Live Action Series

Don’t get excited. I mean, seriously, DO NOT GET EXCITED.

This is from an episode with Kelly Brook (Piranha 3-D) and Joe Flanigan from Stargate.

The only thing for sure about this story line is that it involves a race of, you guessed it, Turtle Sapians. This highbrow work of intellectual brilliance is currently being shot in Europe and probably taking itself too seriously in the process. But what do I know, it could be the next Doctor Who. But, I know it’s not going to be the next Doctor Who.

In a recent tweet to Eli Roth, Brook had this to say:
"Shooting live action version of French Comic Heavy Metal you would so dig this shizzle."

Miss Brook we most definitely do not.

The series will feature Flanigan as well as James Marsters and Rutger Hauer.

Here is the teaser for those who missed it.

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