Shawn Levy Confirms That He'll Direct Real Steel 2; Hugh Jackman Also Expected To Return!

Shawn Levy Confirms That He'll Direct Real Steel 2; Hugh Jackman Also Expected To Return!

Shawn Levy Confirms That He'll Direct <i>Real Steel 2</i>; Hugh Jackman Also Expected To Return!

The director confirms that he and all of the major cast members have signed on for a sequel to Real Steel, letting slip plenty of new details about what he has planned as well as how Hugh Jackman's schedule will effect filming...

"Yes, well, the studio’s faith is very strong," Levy revealed in a recent interview with The Playlist. "Even 'Night at the Museum' didn’t test like this. People were cheering in a movie theater. The last time I remember that happening was in 'Rocky III' with Clubber Lang or even against Drago in 'Rocky IV.' So we got that kind of visceral reaction from audiences and the studio not only took the bullish move of developing a sequel and asking me to sign on but then also didn’t deny it when it leaked in the press. That was a show of confidence that hopefully we will reward."

The director went on to confirm that all of the main cast members have signed on to reprise their roles in future installments. (not a huge surprise these days, although perhaps a little unusual for a movie such as this one) "I will produce and direct again, yeah. Hugh’s definitely in and, certainly, I can’t give away too much, but Dakota [Goyo], Evangeline [Lilly] and Hugh [Jackman] are all a big part of the sequel."

"It is the same characters, the next chapter. It delves into the fallout of the new fame and money that the Kentons are going to have as a result of Zeus-Atom fight. It also delves into something I thought was a cool aspect of the movie that I didn’t have time to get into, which is the class warfare between the underground unsanctioned world of robot boxing and the monetized corporately funded league. The truth is, it’s not unlike the way boxing saw its popularity contested with the rise of a more violent, less rule-bound MMA,"
he added. "The robot design in the sequel are less anthropomorphic and a little more trippy."

So, will he drop his other projects, Frankenstein and Fantastic Voyage? Nope. "I think 'Real Steel' will open strong, but I think it’s going to run stronger. There’s only so much you can tell about this movie in a commercial. The movie reveals itself as a whole. So, in the same way that 'Date Night' and 'Night at the Museum' did not open massive, it will be the legs. I’ve been lucky with the legs in my movies and I think 'Real Steel' can have that. It will be November before we know." And how will Hugh Jackman's schedule effect when we'll get to see the sequel? "Hugh is on 'Les Miserables' at least into early summer and quite possibly right into 'Wolvy' after that. I need to wait and see what shakes out with Hugh’s schedule and mine. But we are both committed to the sequel if this movie is a hit."

You can read a lot more of Levy's comments by clicking on the link below to head on over to the site.


Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton
Evangeline Lilly as Bailey Tallet
Kevin Durand as Ricky
Anthony Mackie as Finn
Phil LaMarr as ESPN Boxing Commentator
Karl Yune as Tak Mashido

RELEASE DATE: October 7th, 2011.

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