THE LONE RANGER Superbowl Teaser; Armie Hammer Teases "A Supernatural Element"

THE LONE RANGER Superbowl Teaser; Armie Hammer Teases "A Supernatural Element"

It's only 20-odd seconds long, but we get a few new shots of Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in action in the explosive stagecoach set piece from Gore Verbinski's take on The Lone Ranger. There's also quotes from an interesting interview with Hammer.

Also, in an interview with MTV Hammer discussed the dynamic between his character and his pal Tonoto, and how it differs from the original tv series..

"It's a lot more balanced than the original show, where the Ranger would tell Tonto what to do, and he would say, 'Me do,' and run away. Nobody was thrilled with that, and Johnny especially wasn't thrilled with that. This is more like a buddy comedy; there's give and take, and push and pull, between these two guys. They're a team, so when it comes down to it, they're willing to do what it takes to get the job done. It's a great relationship between the two of them. It's very fun, almost a 'Midnight Run' vibe, where you have two guys with one goal but very different ways of going about it".

Hammer also dismisses the rumors of werewolves that were doing the rounds, but does say that because of Tonto's superstitious beliefs, a "supernatural element" might be present: "There are questions that leave the possibility open to there being a supernatural element — but it's not a supernaturally-driven movie at all.". For the full interview click the link below.

The Lone Ranger is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and hits theaters May 31, 2013.

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