TIMECOP Remake Gets 2 Writers

TIMECOP Remake Gets 2 Writers

Last May, Universal Pictures announced plans to reboot Jean-Claude Van Damme's tour de force, Timecop (1994). This was of course met with huge opposition as the film is considered by most, a cinematic masterpiece. Right up there with Citizen Kane.


It's been almost a year since we've heard anything on Universal's reboot of Timecop, but today screenwriters, Mark and Brian Gunn, have been hired to work on the script, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The pair are best known for writing The Rock's best film-to-date, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. They're also working on Journey 3, Monster Squad and a MacGyver movie. Seems like they are a great choice for the new Timecop as they have a lot of experience with working on other people's successful ideas.

The 1994 film, starred Jean-Claude Van Damme ("Sudden Death") as a Time Enforcement Police officer. His life is dramatically altered when he gets in the way of a crooked politician (Ron Silver) with ambitious plans to use time-travel to further his political career all the way to the White House. The film was written by Mike Richardson, the founder and publisher of Dark Horse Comics. Richardson, will serve as an executive producer for this reboot.
Whereas the first movie had the sci-fi elements very much in the foreground, the new version’s take sees Timecop being a more gritty and grounded police story with the sci-fi in the background, though will still have the main character on a personal journey. Tonally it could end up sharing a similar sensibility to Looper, Rian Johnson’s time travel movie, but would be bigger in scope and ambition. - hollywoodreporter
In the year 2004, time travel is not only a reality, but an opportunity to alter the past for power and profit. Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in the sci-fi thriller that mixes hard-hitting action with awesome special effects, romance and murder. Ron Silver co-stars as Van Damme's cunning adversary in what People Magazine touts "Clever and original, Timecop is a thinking man's movie."

Actors: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mia Sara, Ron Silver, Gloria Reuben
Directors: Peter Hyams * Writers: Mark Verheiden
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