"Uncle Ruckus" of The Boondocks Getting The Live-Action Treatment

"Uncle Ruckus" of The Boondocks Getting The Live-Action Treatment

Recent Boondocks season 4 news has lead to the announcement of our favorite intolerant character getting the live-action treatment.

Fans of The Boondocks television and comic book will remember the rumors of season three possibly being the last. Recent news has debunked the rumor as many cast members including Regina King, Cedric Yarbrough and John Witherspoon confirming voice recordings for the show. John Witherspoon also revealed that season for will go for 20 episodes opposed to the traditional 15. All this news has been the build up for the Kickstarter promotion for an Uncle Ruckus live-action film. Fans are being asked to help fund the film where we will see Gary Anthony Williams, the voice of Uncle Ruckus, portray the character as the film goes in deep into Ruckus' family more so than season 3 episode 14 “The Color Ruckus”.

The film will focus primarily on Ruckus so no Huey, Riley or Robert. Though this might sound upsetting if this film makes it and is a hit there are possibilities of a future Boondocks film featuring all the cast members. Season 4 could also be arriving very soon with recent sight updates and the cast members statements on working on the show. Many could help contribute to the films goal of $200,000. For any future Boondocks news check out http://www.boondocksbootleg.com/.

Extra, check out the score for an episode in upcoming season 4 where Huey Freeman falls in love at first sight.

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