Unicorn City: My side hurts from laughing!

Unicorn City: My side hurts from laughing!

A low budget film that I stumbled across made me laugh harder than the first time I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This film is for anyone who wants a good laugh. Request it in your city so you can see it.

Most of you have probably never heard of this movie. That's mostly due to the trouble the crew is with finding a distributor at the moment. Despite the lack of funding, this movie was very professionally done and has been making a splash in Utah but has not gotten much notice elsewhere.

The movie follows Voss, a low life hardcore gamer who is trying to get a job with "Warlocks of the Beach" in Seattle. The employer is impressed with his enthusiastic dedication to games, but feels that Voss has no leadership qualities. Voss sets off to prove that his leadership is legendary by making a Utopia for gamers called Unicorn City.

This film revolves around Larping (Live action roleplaying) and the life struggles of Voss, his admirer Marsha, and the king of all douche bags, Shadow Hawk.

I went to a showing in Utah and found myself hurting from laughing so hard for so long. Though the film is about gamers, many people at the screening were not gamers at all and laughed harder than I did. There wasn't more than two minutes in a film that I didn't laugh at.

Beyond the humor, the narrative was easy to follow. The acting from the leads were very top notch. For a film of an extremely low budget, it doesn't show at all. The sound is terrific, the writing, direction, and acting are very professional. Even small special effects scenes weren't bad.

The film is a brilliant journey into the magical world of gamer geeks that will make you smile for the entire running time. Help support it and request it at your city.

P.S. The trailer does not do the film justice.

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