Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus says A Third Boondock Saints Film is in the Works!

<i>Walking Dead</i> Star Norman Reedus says A Third <i>Boondock Saints</i> Film is in the Works!

Boondock Saint & Walking Dead star Norman Reedus confirms that a third Boondock Saints film is in the works!

Norman Reedus (TV's The Walking Dead, The Boondock Saints, Blade II) sat down with IFC and revealed his future plans.

"I’m in L.A right now," Reedus said. "I’m meeting with Sean [Patrick Flanery] and Troy [Duffy] tonight. I just landed a couple hours ago and tonight I’m going over to Troy’s house with Sean. It’s definitely in the works. Look for it. It’s gonna be crazy."

The first film has amassed a mass cult following, while the sequel has received mixed reviews from fans and critics. I personally have only seen the original. While I didn't consider it a great film, I thought it was decent and will probably add it to my collection some day.

So are you excited about the possibility of a third film? Or do you think the Saints have run their course. Sound off below!

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