Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother Russia! A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD Featurette

Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother Russia! A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD Featurette

A new featurette for A Good Day To Die Hard which features new footage while Jai Courtney provides commentary about his character Jack McClane, John McClane's (Bruce Willis) son.

I really enjoyed the first three Die Hard movies, and while the fourth film, Live Free or Die Hard (2007), isn't a bad movie, it just didn't seem like it fit in the franchise. Yes, John McClane in the first three films did some unbelievable things, but in the fourth he pushed way past that invisible believability mark that we all have set in our heads. Still, not a bad movie, but clearly is the weakest in the bunch. Hopefully the fifth one avoids those mistakes.

Also you may not have seen this alternate ending to Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) that happens to be much darker than the original ending.

20th Century Fox's A Good Day To Die Hard was written by Skip Woods and directed by John Moore ("Max Payne"). The film stars: Bruce Willis as John McClane, Jai Courtney as John "Jack" McClane, Jr., Cole Hauser as Collins, Sebastian Koch as Komorov, Yuliya Snigir as Irina and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lucy McClane. It will land in theaters February 14, 2013.

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