AGENT CARTER Review: Marvel's New One-Shot Is Their Best Yet & Full Of Girl Power

AGENT CARTER Review: Marvel's New One-Shot Is Their Best Yet & Full Of Girl Power

Marvel Studios invited one of's own to the premiere screening for their newest One-Shot Agent Carter, at SDCC. Spoiler-free review after the jump...

Marvel's new One-Shot short film Agent Carter is an absolute blast! It is Marvel's best short film hands down for one reason and one reason alone, female lead Hayley Atwell. She steps back into the role of Peggy Carter, from Captain America: The First Avenger, and this is definitely an extension to the first Cap movie as soon as it begins.

Atwell's character was a part of something special when Steve Rogers gained his superhuman powers. Now, despite losing Rogers, Atwell is once again a part of something special. She's actually at the beginning of laying some very important ground work for a large piece of the modern day Marvel Cinematic Universe. Agent Carter sort of serves as another origin story.

Agent Carter kicks some serious butt, with a spy-like feel to it, and will make nearly every female Marvel fan(atic) very, very happy with the action that takes place. Here's a quick hint about the action, at one point she takes on multiple bad guys. These baddies are working for, or protecting, a MacGuffin that will get Marvel fans talking too.

After all the butt-kicking is done, actor Dominic Cooper is seen and reprises his role as Howard Stark. Cooper performs it with the same wit as he did in the first Cap film and is entertaining as ever as Tony Stark's young father.

Even when the credits roll, it's not over. Make sure you keep watching because Marvel has included a very humorous end credits scene with Stark and a surprise actor that'll make you laugh out loud. You'll have to wait and see what all of this means for yourself when Agent Carter is available on the Iron Man 3 Blu Ray release on September 24.

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