AGENTS OF SHIELD Producer Spills On The Future Of The Show; Confirms Fate Of [SPOILER]

AGENTS OF SHIELD Producer Spills On The Future Of The Show; Confirms Fate Of [SPOILER]

The Agents of SHIELD are still picking up the pieces after the events of The Winter Soldier. IGN sat down with the show's producers Jeph Loeb and Jeffrey Bell to talk about the future of the show and cleared up a loose end from Tuesday's "Turn, Turn, Turn". Hit the jump to check it out!

Phil Coulson and his team are in for an unexpected ride after the collapse of SHIELD! IGN sat down with Jeph Loeb and Jeffrey Bell to talk about where the show is heading, teasing the end of the season, the future of Brett Dalton's Agent Ward and clearing up the fate of Saffron Burrow's Agent Hand after the controversial ending to last week's episode 17, "Turn, Turn, Turn"!
When asked about matching Tuesday's incredible episode Loeb revealed that the rest of the series will not only match, but surpass episode 17. He told IGN that they haven't played their tump card yet saying, "There's a whole new dynamic. We have revealed to the audience that Ward is Hydra, but our team does not know that yet. So we have many cards to still turn over in the last five episodes."
Loeb went on to tease that (as most fans predicted) Ward might not end up helping the enemies of SHIELD by the end of the season. When quized on whether or not Ward's arc had always led him to the dark side of the the MCU, Loeb encouraged the fans to wait and see teasing "You're assuming this is the end of the story"
Jeffery Bell then cleared up the fate of Saffron Burrow's Victoria Hand, saying that, "Let's say that Ward definitely killed them, it's the Marvel Universe... But he definitely put three shots in her, and he killed her," ending speculation that Ward had used the show's Icer to knock her out, "he iced her in the old-school version of iced her."
Bell also ensured fans that the mystery behind the show's Clairvoyant (after some fans refused Bill Paxton's "confession" this week) won't be under wraps for much longer: "We love the fact that you're still questioning it, but let me put it this way: you'll know after next week the answer to that question..."

What do you think of Loeb and Bell's comments? Do you think Ward is working for or against Coulson? Sign off your thoughts on what path the show is following below!

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