AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D <font color="red">Spoilers</font> In Early CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Review

A French review has hit which contains some pretty large spoilers both in regards to events which take place in the film and how they connect to Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Read on at your own risk.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the review (apologies for the rough translation):

Captain America 2 is related to the Agents of Shield series . Not necessarily the most direct way in the first episodes , but the enemy "mythical" appearing in the film ... is that the team Coulson tracks more or less throughout the season 1. " The Clairvoyant " a character in episode 15 remains in the shadows, but thus the existence explodes to light in the film (as well as its past and its links with the Captain , the shield and Bucky ... ) . And it is also discovering his identity, but also what he did to the nose and beard shield for decades that the series takes on another meaning . Why ? Because it complements suddenly all the action plan of Nick Fury, clearly showing that even if the events take an unexpected turn in the film as well for him that the Shield , he managed to get a step ahead by placing along this destruction game a team (at least Coulson ... ) in which he can have confidence when the time comes . But had beyond this point, the presence of this character and especially the organization behind him not content to catch the mythology of the monstrous saga opens opportunities for other characters .

Summary of spoilers:

- The Clairvoyant's identity is revealed in CA:TWS. He has past links with Captain America, SHIELD, and Bucky. He has been working behind the scenes in SHIELD for decades.

- The organization which the Clairvoyant belongs to is also revealed, and this opens up opportunities for Marvel to introduce other well-known characters pertaining to that organization from the comic books.

- Nick Fury predicted that the Clairvoyant would try to bring down SHIELD from the inside, and tasked Coulson with creating an independent unit (the team on Agents of SHIELD) which could go off-grid when the time came.

The full review - which by the way is overwhelmingly positive - can be accessed via the source link below.
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