THE CROODS: FAMILY TREE & BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN's Amy Landecker Reveals Why She Prefers Voiceover Work

When we sat down with voice actress Amy Landecker in support of The Croods: Family Tree, we got her take on why voice talents were more prepared for the pandemic and why animation is her preferred medium.

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Actress Amy Landecker is known for roles in both live-action and animation, balancing the two mediums and delivering vocal performances in between her on-screen roles. This has allowed her to star in live-action shows like Transparent and Sneaky Pete while still landing significant roles in animated projects such as Batman: The Long Halloween and Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

Amy's newest role is that of Ugga, the mother in the brand new animated series The Croods: Family Tree. Although Landecker delivers the character's lines brilliantly, she took over the role from acclaimed actress Catherine Keener. This intrigued us about her vocal talents, and when we had the opportunity to chat with her in support of The Croods, we had a lot of questions.

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"I think what's great about voiceover work is that it's a very mobile medium now, thanks to modern technology. It's been something where I might be in another city doing an on-camera job, but I can continue to do the voiceover work as long as there is a studio and an ISDM line. I feel like voice actors are probably the best prepared. You hear a lot of stories about on-camera actors having to do self-takes, and it's overwhelming. And I feel like voiceover actors who have been running around with mobile mics and auditioning and doing records in different studios were probably a little less afraid about what this new age of technology is bringing everybody. It's a much more mobile remote world, so it served me during this entire time, I would say."

The actress went on to mention that there is a lot less pressure when it comes to voiceover work than there is in live-action. She points out that rewarding on-screen performances can be incredibly hard-fought and judged by executives, likely in reference to being cut from projects such as Doctor Strange.

"I feel like voice work is a lot less harrowing than on camera. You never know what's going to get edited in post with the stories, and there are a lot of high expectations and a lot more pressure. I feel like voiceover is just this very fluid kind of funny world. I've been in the voiceover world now for almost 25 years from when I started in Chicago. And I just find it to be a more welcoming calm, so in that way, more rewarding. I think creatively on camera can be incredibly rewarding, but those moments are very hard-fought. I feel like voiceover has a lot more ease and flow to it. So when I'm in a voiceover studio, I'm probably the happiest I ever am as an actor is when I'm in the studio. Because I don't feel the pressure of how do I look, or is there an executive there judging it. You know, we've got time and money, the sun's going down. It's a much more relaxed and creatively calm space for me to perform, so it's always really fun, and I'm never really in a bad mood, whereas on a set, I could be."

Focusing on her most recent role as Ugga in The Croods: Family Tree, Amy spoke about why she loves her character as well as the show itself, praising the writing, humor, and other aspects of the series.

"I would do it forever and ever and ever. I love Ugga; she's super funny, she's super physical. The show itself, I think the quality of the writing and the comedy and the interpersonal relationships is outstandingly done, so I would be more than happy to do her for as long as they would let me, for sure. I've done some other stuff with Dreamworks, but it's the first time I've been a series regular on a Dreamworks show, which is definitely a bucket list item for anyone who likes doing animation and voiceover, so it's definitely special. I've been on their campus, and I've done a lot of little guest stars on other things, little recurring roles, but I never had gotten to be a part of an ensemble and had such a big part to play in every episode. So, that's been a real thrill. They know what they're doing over there. (Laughs)

I just think that it is a real celebration of finding common ground in that classic like odd-couple kind of world, or you know, The Flinstones and some of the great family comedies over the last twenty years where you have very different people who find ways to be friends and to grow together and laugh together through a lot of challenges and disagreements. And I just feel like this world right now needs to be reminded; we all need to remind ourselves that we can disagree, but we can also find ways to connect and enjoy each other. And I think the show is a great vehicle for that message which is sorely needed at the moment."

What do you guys think about Amy's comments? Did you know her character was removed from Doctor Strange, and did you enjoy her performance as Barbara Gordon in Batman: The Long Halloween?

Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual spot and check out the trailer and synopsis for Landecker's newest project, The Croods: Family Tree, below!

The Croods: Family Tree continues the ever-evolving story of the Croods and the Bettermans as they learn to live together on the most idyllic farm in prehistory. The journey from sparring rivals to unlikely friends is fraught with hilarious misadventures as the two families slowly overcome their differences to turn a tree house divided into a tree home united.

The Croods: Family Tree is now streaming on Peacock and Hulu.

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