MY HERO ACADEMIA: WORLD HEROES' MISSION: Voice Actor Justin Briner On Deku's Newest Relationship (Exclusive)

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission is the newest feature film in the franchise. We had the chance to speak with the main cast to promote the movie, and here's what Deku actor Justin Briner had to say!

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The newest film in the My Hero Academia franchise is releasing in just a few days. My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission lands in theaters on Friday, and the entire English voice cast is doing the rounds to promote the adventure.

Boasting a talented cast with actors reprising their roles from the main series, My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Might reunites Justin Briner (Yuri on Ice, Black Butler) as Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, Clifford Chapin (Attack on Titan, Black Clover) as Katsuki Bakugo and David Matranga (Attack on Titan, Fairy Tale) as Shoto Todoroki. Rounding out the cast are voice talents Patrick Seitz as Endeavor, Robbie Daymond as Flect Turn, Christina Vee as Pino, and Ryan Colt Levy as Rody Soul.

We were able to speak with the cast, and will be bringing you each of our chats as we count down to this weekend's release of the movie. In this interview with Justin Briner, we asked how the new film elevates the character of Deku and builds on his story arc so far, as well as the relationship between Izuku and Rody. He went into great detail with the statements below.

Justin Briner: Deku takes after his mentor, All Might, in a lot of ways, or tries to. He wants to save everyone. He wants to be the pillar in his community of heroes that people can rally to or depend on. And that's embodied, I think, very well in this new relationship that he finds with Rody, the character in this movie who makes the unlikely duo that we follow for a lot of the action concerning Deku.

It's amazing to see him butt heads, but learn to lean on Rody and then work as a team with him and the other heroes that have rallied to this worldwide cause. So it's just really gratifying to see him sort of take up the mantle of his personal hero and mentor in this film and a lot of the burden and responsibility of saving the world in this movie rests on him and his close friends.

It's very fascinating in this movie that while the other two films we've had so far were pretty invested in relationships that we knew about, or that were already forged in the anime, this relationship that we see the foundations of is new in this movie. We've never met Rody before and Deku and Rody have never met. So we get to see them really start from scratch. And it's definitely not easy.

So yeah, Deku has to go out of his way to understand Rody's point of view, his personal goals, and how they're not always necessarily above board, but he's got to learn to work together with Rody in unlikely circumstances. And I think to this point, Izuku has found out how to work with people that he doesn't necessarily see eye to eye with, in a meaningful way. So he uses whatever tools he had in his belt up until now to make a really cool team with Rody.

What do you guys think of these comments from Izuku "Deku" Midoriya English Voice Actor Justin Briner? Are you excited to see the film explore the character's new relationship with Rody?

Be sure to check out our full video interview with both Justin and Bakugou's voice actor Clifford Chapin below.


In support of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, the newest upcoming film in the franchise, I sat down with the guys who voice the main two heroes in the series - Deku and Bakugou!

This is the second time I've had Justin Briner on the show and the third time Clifford Chapin has chatted with us, so the rapport was easy to get into as we talked about their experience and thoughts on the new film.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission hits theaters this Friday, October 29th.

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