Dragonball: Evolution?

This movie is definitley not gonna win any awards, but is it worth the money?

I just bought the movie today for 6 dollars, used. After only being out a week, someone has already decided this movie sucks. I have read enough bad press on this film and decided if I'm gonna pay for it, I am not spending fifteen dollars on it. I actually just finished it not twenty minutes ago and decided it was mediocre at best.
This movie offers a promise of action, adventure, and comedy. Now I grew up on DBZ as a kid, so i pretty much knew the lore. And if you are a purist, or a fan of the storyline, you are more than likely gonna upchuck twice by the end credits. But me... it entertained me for it's abysmally short 85 minute run.
The effects were okay. I have seen worse (Sky Captain rings a bell.). But it was the acting and some of the logic that screwed me over. Chatwin was okay as Goku but his acting needs a lot of work. The rest of the good guys were good minus a few childish moments like when Roshi intros himself. Piccolo was sinister and menacing but I wanted more from him by means of more screentime.
What really didn't make sense was how di Piccolo escape his prison? Or why did Goku sneak away from Gohan to go party? If it was my b-day, I would just ask him to drop me off.
If the movie was a bit longer and the acting more professional and the storyline more thawed out, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. But if they make a sequel, I hope the cast and crew learn form their mistakes.
PS: There is a scene in the middle of the credits that worth checking out. It actually sets it up for a sequel.

Score: 6.5 out of 10.
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