ANT-MAN IMAX 3D Review; "It's One Of Marvel Studios' Best Origin Stories"

Despite doubts from some fans over whether Ant-Man could or should be made without Edgar Wright, Marvel Studios' latest movie is better than you were ever expecting and an absolute must-see...

A few years ago, I remember telling a friend about Marvel's Phase 2 slate. When I mentioned Ant-Man though, they laughed. "Ant-Man? Really?" It's easy to understand that line of thinking, and while there have been good stories featuring the character over the years (most of which also focus on Scott Lang funnily enough), he's far from an A-List hero. Well, thanks to Marvel and Peyton Reed, he is now, and that friend I mentioned is laughing on the other side of his face. Ant-Man feels so different and fresh that it comes across more like the start of Phase 3 than the end of Phase 2, and while there are inevitably some who will criticise the tropes we've become familiar with in Marvel's movies, they're as easy to forgive as ever and not really a major issue here. 

That's evident from the final battle. We've become so used to seeing the world at stake that it all coming down to a man trying to save his daughter (in her bedroom) makes Ant-Man stand out from pretty much every comic book movie ever; it's just more personal. It's also gloriously inventive, and the shrinking scenes stand out as being better than anything Marvel has previously done. They look incredible and most importantly make you believe that's what it would feel like to be the size of an ant. Talking of ants, it's also a credit to all those involved that they make you care so much about Scott's helpers (oh, Antony...). 

Talking of Scott, Paul Rudd is superb. He's always great, but gets to bring more layers to this role than we've seen from him in mostly comedic performances. Similar to Chris Evans' Steve Rogers, he's someone you can relate to, someone who has a good heart, and just an actor/character you like spending time with as a member of the audience. Ant-Man could have run for another hour and I wouldn't have complained! Michael Douglas is also a real scene stealer as Hank Pym (he's perfect in the mentor role), while an on form Evangeline Lilly goes on a compelling emotional journey with her father through the movie which perfectly sets the stage for her future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Corey Stoll's Darren Cross/Yellowjacket is also a solid enough villain, though there's no denying that it would have been good to spend a little more time with him. People have called him one dimensional, but when his plan is clear - and easy to understand given that he feels betrayed and abandoned by Hank - it's hard to fault his motivations, and Stoll never falters in delivering what's asked of him.  

The supporting cast is also solid. David Dastmalchian doesn't make much of an impact, but still gets enough funny lines so that you enjoy his presence. However, it's Michael Peña (and to a lesser extent, T.I.) who steal the show as part of Scott's motley crew. Bobby Cannavale, Judy Greer, and Martin Donovan also do good work with limited screen time. 

I won't go too much into story here because it would be a shame to spoil anything, but it definitely worked for me. It's a tale about fathers and daughters, a heist movie, and a fun superhero movie all rolled into one. The comedic elements work here perfectly too, and Paul Rudd and Adam McKay's footprits are all over this thing. Reed meanwhile has a great handle on sight gags which enhances their script, and he absolutely must do the sequel. Like the shrinking scenes, the action is top notch (and extremely clever), and I'm glad to say that there are a lot of surprises. With over 50 TV spots, it's easy to assume Marvel has shown us "too much", but even that big cameo they revealed consists of a lot more than originally thought and stands out as being probably the best Marvel cameo to date. Throw in two amazing after-credits scenes and a mention of a certain someone and Ant-Man is a movie which really does have it all for fans. 

Finally, it's important to note that this is one of the few Marvel movies to look absolutely fantastic in 3D. Seeing it in IMAX is a definite plus to take full advantage of the shrinking scenes because Ant-Man is an all round great looking movie and deserves to be seen in that format. 

Even those who nitpick Marvel's approach to their movies are sure to find something to love in Ant-Man, while fans will undoubtedly adore each and every second. A funny movie with a lot of heart, it's one of Marvel Studios' best origin stories.

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