AVENGERS: ENDGAME Spoiler Images Focus On Thanos' Confrontation With Nebula And The Time-Travel Platform

Another round of images from Avengers: Endgame have been released, and they focus on Thanos' confrontation with Nebula and Earth's Mightiest Heroes' attempts to travel through time. Check them out...

Over the past week or so, we've been treated to a lot of images from Avengers: Endgame, and we now have another round for you. These are focused primarily on Nebula's confrontation with Thanos back in 2014 as we get to see how both the Mad Titan and his spaceship were brought to life. 

Even more interesting, though, are the shots of the time-travel device used by Earth's Mightiest Heroes to go back to the past and retrieve the Infinity Stones in order to create Gauntlet of their own.

Getting a closer look at it, it definitely bears a resemblance to a certain piece of tech used by Doctor Doom in the comic books. Whether that will be something Marvel Studios touches on when the Fantastic Four finally arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains to be seen, but it's hard to believe we've seen the last of this storytelling device. 

So, to check out these spoiler images from Avengers: Endgame, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button to check out the full gallery. 

Considering the fact that Avengers: Endgame is a PG-13 movie, it's shocking to see the blood on Thanos' sword here as he confronts his daughter, Nebula. When you stop and think about it, though, it's even more horrifying when you realise that the Mad Titan has been slaughtering countless innocents as part of his deranged plan to balance the universe. 

Having the past version of Nebula essentially transmit her future self's memories may have seemed mighty convenient, but the Russo Brothers did a great job of explaining how that worked. Here, the 2014 Nebula can be seen strung up by Thanos as he attempts to figure out what's going on. 

Some fans have expressed disappointment with Earth's Mightiest Heroes ultimately squaring off with a Thanos who hails from the past, especially as things got so personal with the present day version beheaded by Thor. However, shifting the spotlight to The Avengers was a smart move and the villain served the purpose he needed to in the final act.

Held prisoner by Thanos, the present day version of Nebula is reunited with her sister, but it's not exactly all fun and laughter for the siblings as is evident from this image. The Russo Brothers recently revealed that they don't know what became of Gamora in the present day, and said it will be up to James Gunn to explore where that version of the character goes next. 

This is an incredible piece of imagery and Thanos' ship factors into the final battle in a huge way. However, considering the fact that both it and Thanos' army were ultimately dusted, we shouldn't expect any of this alien technology to factor into future adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

A very cool homage to the Infinity Gauntlet comic book. We didn't get to spend an awful amount of time with the version of Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War, but it's fair to say that none of us will forget the shock we felt when the God of Thunder chopped off the villain's head in this film!

Asgard was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, but we were able to return to the God of Thunder's home in Avengers: Endgame thanks to time-travel. What followd was a touching scene as Thor was reunited with his mother and got to see Jane Foster from afar (who Rocket stabbed - non fatally - to get the Aether out of her). As you can see, it was recreated for this movie. 



Does this time-travel device remind anyone else of the machine Doctor Doom uses in the comic books? I wouldn't be at all surprised that when that villain is finally introduced, we get to see him recreate this technology in order to try to manipulate events for his own nefarious ends. Either way, it's awesome to see Earth's Mightiest Heroes assembled here as they prepare to make this journey.

In one of Avengers: Endgame's funniest moments, the team tries to figure out time-travel but inadvertently turns Ant-Man into a baby and an old man. As Iron Man later noted, their experiments sent time through Scott Lang rather than Scott Lang through time...
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