AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Directors Explain Why Thanos Obtains SPOILER Off-Screen

Avengers: Infinity War was very much a film that revolved around Thanos obtaining the infinity stones. However, the Russos explain why we did not see the Mad Titan obtain the first stone on-screen...

As the Russo brothers promised, Avengers: Infinity War was very much a film centered around Thanos and his mission to collect all the infinity stones. And while the Russos very much did deliver on this front and provided fans with some of the most gripping, action-packed, epic moments in the MCU with Thanos retrieving certain stones, there was one stone in particular that we did not see Thanos collect: the power stone.

Last we had seen the power stone was at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, under the protection of the Nova Corp on Xandar, following Ronan the Accuser's attempt to destroy the planet using the stone. However, at the beginning of Infinity War when Thanos and the Black Order have laid waste to the Asgardian refugee vessel, Thanos already has the power stone. Thor later remarks to the Guardians that Thanos had decimated Xandar when he retrieved the stone.

In a recent Q&A discussion with students at Iowa City High School, the brothers were asked about the decision to not include on-screen Thanos retrieving the power stone and instead begin the film with it already in the gauntlet. Joe Russo had the following to say:

Because we thought it’d be one too many- there’s so many stones he has to collect and you get into a trap and we thought- we knew where it was in Guardians [of the Galaxy]- so it was easy to deal with it off screen.

What Joe says makes a lot of sense, and with a movie that was already the longest in the history of the MCU, there was only so much they could show. Thanos obtaining the power stone and laying waste to Xandar, while visually would have been epic and impressive, would not have added much to Avengers: Infinity War

However, this does not mean that we will not see Thanos' forces laying waste to Xandar. Recently, Kevin Feige revealed that Richard Rider, aka Nova, is a character that they are seriously considering for the future of the MCU. What better way to introduce Nova than follow the origin of the character in the comics and have Rhomann Dey (played by John C. Reilly in the first Guardians) escape the destruction of Thanos and find Richard Rider.

Be sure to share your thoughts below about what the Russos had to say about not showing Thanos collecting the power stone on-screen in Infinity War, and how what happened off-screen may set up the MCU's Nova...
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