AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - Every Image Released From The Movie Before It Hits Theaters Tonight

With Avengers: Infinity War set to rocket into theaters in the US this evening, we're taking a look back at all of the movie's officially released stills and some you won't have seen before. Take a look...

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Avengers: Infinity War is finally here! Depending on where you live, you may have already seen the Marvel Studios movie but Thursday evening screenings kick off tonight in America and rumour has it that the vast majority quickly sold out (so, if you don't already have your tickets, you're in trouble). 

So, with just hours to go before watching the epic Marvel movie, a perfect way to get prepared is taking a look at all of the officially released stills. There's even a couple here you won't have seen before (such as the shot of Thor, Star-Lord, and Gamora below) so these are well worth looking at. 

All you need to do to see the full list is click on either one of the buttons below. Once you've done that, be sure to let us know your thoughts on them in the comments section and stay tuned for more. 

This new shot from the movie shows Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time. Needless to say, Gamora doesn't look overly impressed with the wounded God of Thunder here. 

Forget Hawkeye, we've seen pretty much nothing of Mantis in Avengers: Infinity War and given her unique power set, it will be interesting seeing what the characters ends up bringing to the table.

Baby Groot was extremely adorable but the teenage version looks like a right moody so and so and he doesn't appear to be remotely concerned about Thanos as he plays with his new video game. 

The Mad Titan doesn't look happy here but where is he? Could it be the ruins of Titan or has he conquered Earth by this point in the movie? We're obviously just going to have to wait and see. 

What we do know is that this is Titan, the villain's home planet which was destroyed when his people failed to heed his warnings about an extinction level threat which left it a desolate wasteland.

We know that Bruce Banner ultimately finds himself in Wakanda but unable to transform into the Hulk, the scientist will need to don the Hulkbuster armour in order to help repel Thanos' forces.

Before that, though, Banner will be spending some time in New York alongside Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong when the Sanctum Sanctorum is attacked by the villainous Black Order.

Initially, many fans theorised that The Black Order taking the Mind Stone is what resulted in The Vision taking on a human form but it appears as if this is actually just a new ability of his.

Both The Vision and the Scarlet Witch look pretty distraught here but the shot of the latter takes place in Wakanda and the former is when The Black Order attacks the two heroes in Scotland. 

Star-Lord taking on Thanos is something comic book fans will be all too familiar with and this awesome shot provides a sneak peek of Peter Quill doing battle with the Mad Titan on the ruined Titan. 

Shuri stole the show in Black Panther so her return in Avengers: Infinity War is welcomed and we see her here alongside Bruce Banner, someone who may end up being schooled by the youngster.

What an impressive team of Avengers! As you can see, it's Doctor Strange and Wong seemingly leading the charge here as Iron Man (who will no doubt suit up momentarily) and Bruce Banner look on.

Yes, that really is a moon that Thanos is preparing to throw at our heroes. We know that there will be casualties in the movie, so how on Earth (Titan?) are they going to survive such a fatal, killing blow? 

It's said that the entire final act of Avengers: Infinity War takes place in Wakanda, and here we get to see a variety of shots, including one many fans believe comes after Cap's showdown with Thanos.

We know that Loki delivers the Tesseract to Thanos but his role beyond that is something of a mystery. Seeing as he failed the Mad Titan, it's sadly possible that he'll be killed off fairly early on. 

Merging the worlds of The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy was never going to be an easy task but Thor feels like the right choice to help make that a reality after his last cosmic adventure. 

The battle of Wakanda will see T'Challa leading his army alongside various members of The Avengers against Thanos' monstrous Outriders, genetically engineered and powerful foot soldiers. 

Iron Man has been preparing for this battle ever since his brief trip into outer space in The Avengers, so it will be very interesting seeing what lengths he's willing to go to to stop Thanos in this movie.

Based on the massive hold in the Sanctum Sanctorum's roof, this scene clearly takes place just moments after The Hulk comes hurtling to Earth. The question is, is it Thor that sends him here?

Another very cool shot of that attack on Doctor Strange's home, this time it's Iron Man who leads the heroes through the wreckage presumable to do battle with Thanos' invading Black Order.

As I mentioned a little earlier in this post, it's Bruce Banner who suits up in the Hulkbuster armour after realising that one more transformation into The Hulk could mean he'll never return. 

We know that Robert Downey Jr.'s tenure as Iron Man is nearing its end so is it possible that he'll meet his maker at the end of this movie? That would be one way to leave the jaws of fans on the floor.

Thanos has only two Infinity Stones here but will he be able to get his hands on the rest by the time the credits roll? That certainly seems feasible but the heroes are in trouble if that happens!

Steve Rogers ditched his Captain America persona at the end of Civil War and this awesome shot of the hero shows what's become of him in the years which have followed since he went on the run. 

Thor only has one eye in this cool shot from the movie but various toys have resulted in fans theorising that the God of Thunder will somehow regain that once he powers up and creates the Stormbreaker.

Spider-Man is expected to play a key role in Avengers: Infinity War and here we get to see the young hero in both his original suit (well, the mask at least) and his upgraded Iron Spider costume.

These behind the scenes snaps give us an idea of how the movie was made and we'll hopefully get even more shots like this over the coming months as more about Avengers: Infinity War is revealed. 

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