AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hi-Res Concept Art Reveals Nightmare Inducing Alternate Designs For Red Skull

In this latest round of Avengers: Infinity War concept art, we get to see some alternate designs for the Red Skull which are in equal parts weird and horrifying. You're going to want to take a look...

Avengers: Infinity War featured quite a few cameos but none were more shocking than the return of the Red Skull. While a different actor played the Stonekeeper, you'd be hard pressed to tell and finally revealing what happened to him after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger was a smart move, and one which definitely made fans happy.

What does or doesn't come next for the villain remains to be seen but Marvel Studios clearly put a lot of thought into how he should look on the big screen. Below, you'll find a gallery of hi-res concept art showcasing some of the craziest alternate designs along with some which may very well end up putting you off your dinner!

Honestly, to call these "weird" is probably an understatement and while some pay homage to the source material, others are really out there and a complete departure from anything and everything we've seen before.

So, to check out this Avengers: Infinity War artwork, click on the "View List" button and then stay tuned for even more over the coming days. 

What the f***?! At one stage, Marvel was clearly thinking about just how much being transported to Vormir would have changed the Red Skull but I'm at a loss to think what might have done this.

Again, while I can't fault Marvel's team of concept artists for their imagination, there's no getting around the fact that this looks like something which would be better suited to a horror movie. 

Not quite as otherworldly as what we got in the movie, this Red Skull has clearly spent years on Vormir but is still very much "human"  as he's been forced to scavenge what he can to survive.

I'm not sure how the villain could have kept his HYDRA uniform looking so good after all the years he spent on Vormir but fans obviously would have had no trouble recognising him here.


Some pretty monstrous takes on Captain America's first foe, it almost looks as if energy from the Soul Stone was originally going to be within the Red Skull's body somehow in this movie. 


Both of these costumes pay homage to the Red Skull's appearance in the comic books but neither would have made much sense; where exactly would he have found these clothes on Vormir? 


Two very different takes on the Red Skull here and while I could imagine the second version working well enough, the first arguably takes him too far away from the villain we met back in 2011. 


These are truly terrifying but once again point to Marvel considering putting the energy of the Soul Stone within the Red Skull. What we don't learn is what happened to him once Thanos retrieved it. 

A haunting take on the character, it appears as if the former HYDRA leader truly is a shell of his former self and it's easy to see how this artwork ended up influencing what ended up on screen.

Red Skull or Ghost Rider? Marvel had to be very careful when it came to creating the villain's look both in this movie and in Captain America: The First Avenger and this version may not have worked.

Broken down and clearly in no fit state to do battle with Captain America, this version of the Red Skull is once against monster-like in appearance and was probably deemed too scary for the film. 


These are really cool. While many are meant to show the damage he's suffered since the last time we saw him, others bring the Red Skull to life in a very exciting and comic book accurate fashion.



So, yeah, you're totally having nightmares tonight, right? With any luck, Captain America will cross paths with his old enemy in Avengers 4...or he'll somehow find his way back to Earth. 

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