SPOILERS: 10 Major Reveals About AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR From Those Leaked Toys You Need To Know

Over the weekend, the first wave of Avengers: Infinity War toys were revealed and they've told us an awful lot about what we should expect from the movie. So, hit the jump for all the biggest reveals...

LEGO really needs to get its sh*t together! Earlier this month, a number of sets for Solo: A Star Wars Story appeared online and gave us our first look at character names and what appeared to be some key plot details. Now, it's the turn of Avengers: Infinity War and while we may have already seen the trailer for this movie, these have shed some light on a lot of big story reveals and unexpected surprises. 

We've taken a look at each of the images and descriptions for these sets to dive deep into what they tell us about the Marvel movie and you may be surprised by how much we now know about it!

From a possible crossover with The Defenders to the identity of Peter Dinklage's character and what the deal is with characters like Bruce Banner and The Vision, you'll want to keep reading for this spoilery look at Avengers: Infinity War and what exactly is on the way when May 4th gets here...

Thanos' Sword

That's one massive sword that Thanos is wielding! While this could just be a random weapon he uses while battling Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy, there's also a very good chance it's the Infinity Sword. That was featured heavily in the kid-focused Super Hero Squad TV show but Marvel could find a way to tie it to the Stones and make it another powerful artefact in the MCU.

A Crossover With The Defenders?

Take a close look at the New York City set and you'll notice that a copy of the New York Bulletin can be seen with the headline, "Crime Floods The Streets." Daredevil is splashed across the front page and you have to wonder if this is just a fun Easter Egg thrown in by LEGO or confirmation that we could finally see a crossover between the worlds of The Avengers and The Defenders (which is long overdue). 

Peter Dinklage = Tor

There have been a lot of theories about who Peter Dinklage might be playing in Avengers: Infinity War but one of the LEGO sets may finally shed some light on what the Game of Thrones star will be getting up to here. Apparently, the God of Thunder and Guardians of the Galaxy will head to the home of the dwarves in Nidavellir to get Thor a new weapon and that has to be where Dinklage comes in!

The Soul Stone's Location Revealed

The Soul Stone is the only Infinity Stone which remains unaccounted for and with Black Panther coming out next month, it makes sense that it will pop up there. This LEGO set confirms that theory and we'll no doubt learn much more about it soon enough (chances are the Soul Stone is what T'Challa uses to communicate with his ancestors based on what the trailers have revealed over the past year). 

The "Ax-Thunderer"

So, what is Thor getting on Nidavellir? Well, it's called the "ax-thunderer" in the translated descriptions for this LEGO set and it's actually a weapon we've already seen in concept art for Avengers: Infinity War. That massive axe is clearly going to have much more to it than meets the eye and the possibility that an Infinity Stone will be used to help create it is seemingly teased too (a very intriguing twist).  

The Iron Spider

Peter Parker will be rocking that fancy new suit from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming in Avengers: Infinity War and these LEGO sets confirm that it will have four extra arms. That essentially means we'll finally see the hero in his Iron Spider suit from the Civil War comic books in live-action and it should be fun seeing what difference that makes to his fighting style and whether they're a permanent fixture.

The Vision's Infinity Stone

Most of us have assumed that Thanos' Black Order removes the Infinity Stone from The Vision's forehead, either rendering him powerless or killing the android outright. However, this set reveals that Shuri will be the one attempting to do that while Black Panther holds off Corvus Glaive's forces. After all, who better than her to figure out how to keep The Vision alive even without the Stone?

Bruce Banner Is The Hulkbuster

As many of you theorised, it is indeed Bruce Banner inside the Hulkbuster armour in Wakanda. It's been rumoured that he can no longer transform into The Hulk upon returning to Earth so Doctor Strange sending him there to keep him safe makes perfect sense as does him jumping inside the armour he helped design! Regardless, it's a pretty interesting twist having him take charge of that. 

Attack On The Sanctum Sanctorum

So, it appears as if Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw will be the ones who attack Doctor Strange's home on the hunt for the Time Stone and that battle may lead to the Sorcerer Supreme being joined by Spider-Man and Iron Man. The description doesn't reveal much beyond that but given what we've seen in the trailer, these three heroes will be working together to attempt to repel the Mad Titan's Black Order.

The Final Battle

It appears as if Avengers: Infinity War's final battle will revolve around Iron Man and the Guardians racing Thanos to the Infinity Gauntlet (bear in mind that the Russos have described this as a heist movie). Chances are the movie is going to end with the Mad Titan finally in possession of all the Stones - that, or most of them - and that cliffhanger should lead us perfectly into the next instalment. 

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