SPOILERS: Here Are All The Biggest Reveals From Marvel's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR PRELUDE

Today saw the release of an in-canon comic which fills in the gaps between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Here, we break down the biggest reveals and what those mean moving forward.

Avengers: Infinity War is just months away from reaching theaters and excitement is understandably at an all-time high. While some details about the movie have surfaced in recent weeks, there's still an awful lot we don't know; however, a new comic book from Marvel sheds some light on what we should expect as it serves as both a prequel to the ensemble and an epilogue to Captain America: Civil War.

Among the reveals in this in-canon tale are what happened after Captain America broke into The Raft, the retirement of a hero, The Vision's unexpected transformation, Steve Rogers' roster of New Avengers, Iron Man's plan to stop Thanos, and much more. Here, we break down every one of those big new details and all you have to do is click on either one of the buttons below to check them out. 

The Winter Soldier And Black Panther Make Amends

The comic shows what happened immediately after Captain America and Bucky leave the defeated Iron Man behind in the HYDRA base where The Avengers were disassembled once and for all. T'Challa is quick to make amends with the former Winter Soldier, apologising for the misunderstanding and thanking Steve and Bucky for uncovering Zemo's role in his father's death. The King of Wakanda then says he knows "someone" in his home country capable of purging his mind of Hydra's programming.

We find out who exactly that is a little later in the issue but we'll get back to that a bit further down.

The Avengers Didn't Have Long To Wait Before Captain America Set Them Free

The Quinjet Cap and Bucky stole in Germany is flown by Steve Rogers straight to The Raft following Captain America: Civil War and Bucky waits on board while his friend goes to free them. 


I'm not sure why Captain America is wearing his suit in these panels (especially as he didn't appear to be in it at the end of Captain America: Civil War) but he makes short work of General Ross' men and wastes no time in setting his fellow Avengers free. What we don't see is them boarding the Quinjet!

Hawkeye Retires; Ant-Man Goes Home

Clint Barton makes it perfectly clear that he's done being Hawkeye and gets Cap's approval when he says he's finally going home to his family. We also see that Scott Lang is reunited with his daughter Cassie and that's clearly where he'll remain heading into Ant-Man and The Wasp. The big question is, what brings Hawkeye back into the fold? Is his happy ending spoiled by his family's possible demise?

The Vision Is Human Now

While most fans have suspected that The Vision becomes human as a result of the Infinity War being removed from his head by Thanos' Black Order, the comic reveals that that's an appearance he's taken on so the android and Scarlet Witch can have a "normal" relationship. Steve drops her off to be with the member of #TeamIronMan, meaning he probably doesn't mind too much that she's a fugitive!

Shuri Is Working On Fixing The Winter Soldier

Captain America: Civil War's mid-credits scene takes place weeks after the events of the movie and it's confirmed that Shuri is the Wakandan scientist working on removing HYDRA's programming. 

Bucky Is Being Rebooted

It takes Shuri months to work on reprogramming The Winter Soldier but T'Challa's sister ultimately comes to the conclusion that she can "reboot" the hero by removing HYDRA's brainwashing while still leaving him with his original memories (and those while he was under their control). Interestingly, Shuri also mentions Wakanda's advancements in A.I. which are well beyond what Ultron became.

Is The American Government Supplying Terrorists With Chitauri Weaponry?

At the end of the issue, the action jumps to Syria with Black Widow undercover. We then see a group of terrorists standing around a weapon (powered up by Chitauri technology) which they seem to indicate has been supplied to them by the Americans. Is that an indication Captain America is investigating corruption within the government, thereby giving him another reason to become Nomad instead.

The New Avengers

Steve Rogers is joined on this mission by The Falcon (sans costume) and a now blonde Black Widow. The former Captain America is reluctant to call Iron Man and clue him in to what's been happening and it appears as if this non-flashy group of Avengers will continue fighting the good fight undercover.

Iron Man Stands Alone

Tony Stark contemplates the future on this comic book's final page, realising that he allowed himself to get distracted and that a much larger threat is on its way to Earth. That's obviously a reference to Thanos and while Iron Man does consider calling Steve Rogers for his help, he decides that he needs to save the world alone and shows off a brand new armour which he believes will help. In the background is Spider-Man's new suit, proving that Tony has been very busy in his labratory recently...

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