What Were Those Creatures In The BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Trailer?

There were a lot of big reveals in the new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but just what in the hell were those winged creatures flying through the sky during the Caped Crusader's "Knightmare" sequence? We may have an answer, so hit the jump for further details...

Despite the fact that we now know the basic plot of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice thanks to the new trailer for the movie, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. While it's widely believed that the scene which sees the Man of Steel unmask the Dark Knight is part of a dream sequence (something which was seemingly confirmed by an action figure named "Knightmare Batman"), there's a moment in that awesome new preview which is particularly intriguing; what exactly are those horrible looking winged creatures we see flying through the sky as the Caped Crusader battles it out with the mysterious soldiers decked out with Superman insignias? 

The first thing which pops to mind are Darkseid's Parademons. These look a lot smaller than them, but the way they appear to be plucking people from the ground is very similar to what they do in the comics. If that is the case, what on Earth are they doing in what is presumably Batman's bad dream? With that in mind, what if this is actually a look ahead to an apocalyptic future courtesy of Wonder Woman? It's possible that she uses some sort of mystical Amazonian device to show Batman and Superman what will happen if they don't put their differences to one side, and so we could be looking at Earth which has been ravaged by Darkseid where those who have survived are either with Batman or Superman! Alternatively, another theory is that we're looking at Batman's allies. Could those be human bats, a la Man-Bat? There's not a huge similarity there, but they do appear to be attacking Superman's men and not Batman, so there's at least a chance that they're on the Dark Knight's side, helping him in this war.

Whatever these creatures are, this dream sequence or flashforward to a possible future is clearly going to be bigger than expected. If it is going to offer some sort of glimpse at Darkseid's attack on Earth (especially as he's rumoured to be the main villain of Justice League Part One), then what currently looks like a throwaway nightmare sequence could have major ramifications for the DC Extended Universe. However, whether these are Parademons, Man-Bats, or something else altogether, their appearance in the trailer leaves us with a very long list of questions. What are these creatures? Why does Superman unmask Batman? Is Darkseid coming? As always, be sure to head to the comments section below to let us know your thoughts and theories on this...
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