Black Panther "Finally Get's His Movie"

"This King Will Rule The Marvel Movie Kingdom"

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     With all the excitementt swirling around the comicbook movie world about Marvels newely announced Phase 3 movie lineup, and its long awaited Black Panther movie. Marvel also shook up its fans by announcing "the slick and cool" Chadwick Boseman as its main character and lead man The Black Panther. The hugely talented actor who's coming off of an Oscar worthy performance as James Brown in the biopic "Get On Up" has agreed to a five year movie deal with Marvel and will first be seen in costume in Captain America 3 "The Civil War", but I believe and suspect you will see Boseman as early as Avengers 2 "Age of Ultron" as simply T'Challa. Maybe not Black Panther yet.

    Which brings me to The Avengers trailer where you see Andy Serkis who without a doubt will be playing Ulysses Klaw. Serkis the outstanding actor known for his incredible awry of characters such as Caesar in "The Planet Of The Apes" and Gollum in "The Hobbit" is a master of the mo cap (motion camera) and was recently hired by Marvel to help Mark Ruffalo transition into the Hulk. Marvel hasn't officially announced Serkis as Ulysses Klaw but I think it's safe to say we all know he is but the better question is for how long. The character can take us from Avengers 2, Captain America 3 well into the Black Panthers solo movie franchise being that Ulysses is The Black Panthers enemy and rival. That would mean a multi picture deal as well. Ulysses turns himself into a being made of sound where Serkis's brillant use of the mo cap will once again come into play. His voice can be down right Terrifying and Creepy.

    So with a main villian and lead actor already in place, Marvel is ready for Black Panther to sit atop his movie throne, Chadwick Boseman said last week "That a movie like this hasn't been done before". Marvel will pull out all the stops, not just because the Panthter is a super great character with the best storyline and orgin but Marvels plans are for the Black Panther to be one of its main players since they will be losing certain actors as their superheros as Marvel segways from different characters to make way for new ones. Marvel will create Wakanda the fictional country where Black Panther rules his Panther Kingdom all of Wakandas advanced technology and vibranium and all of the Panther's weapons and vehicles this is going to be Phenomenal. And you have Chadwick Boseman A.K.A.The Ebony Chameleon who people said turned into James Brown on the set of the movie... like for real! VS. Andy Serkis A.K.A. Mr. Mo Cap himself hail Caesar! We are in for a real treat.  Marvel will have to show the Black Panthers wealth, his power, his stature, and the fight scenes should make Bruce Lee blush!!! Being that the Panther is one of the greatest fighters in the world with enough money to make Batman jealous. Me personally I have been waitiing since 2006 when Wesley Snipes was begging Marvel Studios to let him bring The Black Panther to life. I have waited soooo long for this movie but it will be bitter sweet knowing the beginning of Black Panther could mark the end of some of my other favorite characters but if that's what this means they had their run The Black Panther deserves his.

   P.S. Did anyone hear Stan Lee's reaction yet? I know he is excited the King is about to Rule!!!
P.S.S. I know I haven't been on here writing in a while ( but I visit the site several times daily) and I remember people calling me crazy when I wrote the From One Hero To The Next article on 3/25/13 telling you Chadwick Boseman would be The Black Panther and especially when I told you 5 reasons Black Panther would be in Avengers 2 last year also. Well my Chest is poked out now lol. Enjoy guys It's great to be back!! Please leave comments.

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