Sebastian Stan Is Ready To Become The Next 'Captain America' After CIVIL WAR

Recently, Sebastian Stan didn't sound too enthused about taking over as Captain America, but his tune now appears to have changed! You can find details on that after the jump along with insight from the actor on Bucky's past and how that's informed his performance...

Following the death of Steve Rogers, Bucky stepped forward to become the next Captain America, joining the anti-registration New Avengers and wielding the shield until his apparent death in the pages of Fear Itself (which ended his tenure with more of a whimper than a bang). Now, we've heard that Anthony Mackie isn't keen on taking over from Chris Evans, but when Sebastian Stan was asked who should be the next Cap at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, he replied (via The Salt Lake Tribune), "Myself." The actor then went on expand on that by adding, "I'll say this: They sure like to dangle a cheese in front of my nose a lot. They're like 'Oh yeah, that's where you pick up the shield,' and I'm like, 'Yeah, I've heard that one before. There it is again.' But I don't know. If I could say one thing, if anyone can have anything to do with it, to make it happen, is you." 

There's definitely a demand there for Bucky to become Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but if it is going to happen, it probably won't be after Captain America: Civil War. It would also be bittersweet given how great Chris Evans is as Steve Rogers, but Stan sounds content to continue on as The Winter Soldier given how fascinated he seems with the character's backstory. "And everything about his childhood was extremely inspiring," Stan said. "I didn't know that he had a sister who ends up going into an orphanage and later ends up dying of Alzheimer's. The fact that this whole story with his father, all those things were very real for me and very helpful in terms of pulling a person together." This apparently helped the actor appreciate, "the fact that this is why he ends up being used by HYDRA and the Russians and so on, because he comes from a really troubled past." Would you like to see Bucky become Captain America in the MCU? 
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