Casper Van Dien Talks Captain America in an Interview

IESB had the chance to talk to actor, Casper Van Dien in interview about upcoming projects, and IESB brings up Marvel's Captain America. Make the jump and find out Casper's response.

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In this Question & Answer interview, with Casper Van Dien, IESB brings up Marvel and their upcoming film including the Star Spangled Avenger, Captain America.

IESB: A year after Starship Troopers came out a little movie with a mostly unknown Marvel character came out called “Blade”. It was the movie that reignited the comic-book genre, and boosted studio confidence which has grown stronger every year since. Marvel has since stopped giving away the rights to their characters and started up their own studio to bring these characters to life. Iron Man was a huge success, Incredible Hulk while not as successful was a profitable venture, Iron Man 2 looks to trump the original, and all things point to what should be an incredible Thor movie. After Thor comes Captain America and Avengers. I’m sure you’ve noticed all of the rumors and buzz about Captain America and the never ending list of actors throwing their hat in the ring. I know Stan Lee thought highly of you for the role of Captain America. Judging from those being auditioned Marvel seems to be going for a younger/unknown actor for the role. However I do think they should broaden their search and not just pick an actor by age alone. I think you have the look, the experience, and the ability to do Captain America justice…and you do not look you’re age. Can you tell us more about what Stan Lee said to you, and are you still interested in the role of Captain America?

CVD: I met Stan a few years back and I mentioned to him that I was a fan of the Captain. He looked at me and said "If they ever make it you'd be perfect". I was so grateful for the compliment. Especially from the MAN himself. My whole family is military. My Father was born on the Fourth of July and the Captain America comic was something I grew up loving. It's a great role. Who ever gets the HONOR to play that will have a duty to bring it the respect it deserves. I think Marvel is doing a great Job. I think that all of us fans out here will be thrilled to see this one brought to life.

IESB: Now along with the role in a comic book movie comes the fanboys & purists who will either embrace you, or tear you apart on the internet. They did it to Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr, and almost everyone else who’s ever been chosen to direct, star, or take part in a movie based on characters they love. If given the opportunity why do you think you would be good for this role?

CVD: Oh man. I appreciate your enthusiasm. They seem to be going younger. But.... I have Always been told that I look and act like the perfect American. I am proud of this country and all of those who serve her. The man who plays him has a duty to all those who serve to represent the true spirit of this Great Nation. America needs her hero. She needs someone to represent all the qualities that America Service men & women have fought and died for trough out our great history.

IESB: Give this guy a screen test Marvel will ya?!?!?! Nothing wrong with adding a little bit to Cap’s story for the big screen. Like on top of his physical condition adding “age” as a factor as why the military doesn’t want him at first.

CVD: Too funny.. Thanks Ed

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