TheBatman1's Comic Review- Week of 10/27/11

Well we have seven books this week. Its was the final week for #2s and it ended pretty strong.

Top Pick: This one is a tie. Both Aquaman and Teen Titans were my #1

Aquaman #2: This picks up right after last issue with the Trench attacking a boat, before killing a whole town. The art is still beautiful. Johns does a brilliant job at writing Aquaman. 5 out of 5

Teen Titans #2: This was a great book. The art in this is really bright and vibrant, and it fits the book. This does not connect to Superboy as much as the last issue, which made me happy. out of 5

Worst Pick: Savage Hawkman #2: I am dropping this book after the first arc. I would drop it sooner if I have not already reserved it up until December. The art work is really bad. Do not read this book. I started to skip over it. o out of 5

Now onto the rest of the books

Batman The Dark Knight #2: This was okay. This is by favorite Batman artwork. The story is okay. The oversized villains feels a lot like the guys injected with the titan formula in Batman Arkham Asylum. Eding was okay. 3 out of 5

Flash #2- I am so happy with this issue. it is so much better than #1. The story is so cool. The whole thing with Flash using his full brain function was awesome. This was such an improvent. 4 out of 5

Green Lantern New Guardians #2- This was pretty interesting. There is a bit of a tie in with Green Lantern #1 regarding Ganthet.The big problem is not too much happens. The ending was pretty shocking, and i can't wait to see what happens next. 3.5 out of 5

Superman #2- Man George Perez wrote a book. This issue is okay. Its biggest draw back is that there is so much dialogue. I bet scripts have less dialogue than this issue. It was interesting to see Supes fight someone he could not see. I definatly prefer Action Comics over this. I hope this is better when they have the new writer(Who is the new writer? I cant remeber...). 3 out of 5.

Instead of reviewing a tradepaperback this week, i am going to start reviweing the books in my near complete Batman collection. Until next week when we start the #3s.
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