10 Most Expensive Marvel And DC Comic Book Sales Of All-Time

Amazing Fantasy #15 recently made history at auction, so we thought you guys would be interested to find out what the most expensive comic book sales of all-time are! Find out what lands where here...

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If you collect comic books, then chances are you know just how expensive key issues are. That's particularly the case with first appearances, and while newer ones (like Miles Morales, for example) go for big money, that's nothing compared to the classic titles that have become part of pop culture history.

the fact they're so rare is a big part of that, of course, while the condition of them can also be a huge factor.

Recently, a near-pristine copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 - the first appearance of Peter Parker/Spider-Man - sold for a record sum, and that got us thinking about other expensive comics. With that in mind, we did some digging and have rounded up the 10 most expensive comic book sales of all-time (at least those that have been publicly revealed through auctions and the like). 

There are some shockers here, though a little less surprising is the fact every comic is either Marvel or DC.

So, to take a look through these crazy expensive comic books, simply click on the "Next" button below! 

10. Captain America Comics #1 - $343,000

Written by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Captain America Comics #1 features the first appearance of everyone's favourite Star-Spangled Avenger, Steve Rogers. While it was Stan Lee who reimagined the hero as a member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, this issue served as his introduction. 

Released in 1941, it boasts an iconic cover with Captain America landing a punch straight on the jaw of one Adolf Hitler. 

While Cap doesn't have his familiar round shield at this point, the cover also includes the first appearance of Bucky Barnes. Between the fact this comic book appeared in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger and the increased popularity of both Steve and Bucky since their MCU debuts, it's no wonder this one went for a six-figure sum. 

9. Marvel Comics #1 - $350,000

This may not be a typical superhero comic book, but Marvel Comics #1 is a piece of history. 

Released by Timely Comics in 1939, it introduced the world to both the original Human Torch (an android who would serve as a basis for the Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm) and Namor the Submariner. When the latter finally makes his big screen debut, expect pristine copies to start massively increasing in value! 

This issue is also noteworthy because it's where Marvel Comics got its name from, and with appearances from Ka-Zar and Masked Raider, this becoming a collector's item definitely makes sense.

8. Tales of Suspense #39 - $375,000

There was a time Iron Man was considered a B-List character, but when Robert Downey Jr. brought him to the big screen in 2008, that perception changed. 

The Armored Avenger's popularity increased significantly, and he soon became the MCU's biggest draw. As a result, it probably shouldn't surprise you that Tales of Suspense #39 has become one of the world's most highly sought after comic books. With Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on creative duties, the world was introduced to Iron Man in 1959. 

That clunky costume may look tame by today's standards, but it's become Iron Man's classic look and one Marvel Studios cleverly brought to the big screen during Tony Stark's origin story. 

7. Flash Comics #1 - $450,000

We're finally heading to the DC Universe for an undeniably unexpected addition to this list. 

The Flash's first appearance on the page came in Flash Comics #1 from the creative team of writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert. It introduced us to Jay Garrick, the original Scarlet Speedster, so there was no Barry Allen to be found in this 1940 comic book. However, Jay wasn't the only noteworthy character to appear here as we also met "The Hawkman!"

Then again, while it may not be Barry or Wally West in the costume, this still marked The Flash's debut and is an undeniably important part of DC Comics history for fans of that world. 

6. X-Men #1 - $492,000

We're definitely not confused by this because the X-Men remain one of the most popular superhero teams in the world of comic books. That's particularly the case after Fox's early movies (which preceded the Avengers franchise), and the value of this effort from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby is no doubt helped by just how many noteworthy characters debut. 

This early team of X-Men is made up of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Beast, and Iceman, while we'd also meet Professor X and the villainous Magneto. 

It's a star-studded first issue, and one that is an undeniably key part of the Marvel Universe's history. Thanks to some bad movies, the popularity of these mutant heroes has waned in recent years; don't be surprised if this soars in value once Marvel Studios reintroduces them!

5. All-Star Comics #8 - $936,000

You might look at this one and wonder, "Why did this comic go for nearly $1 million?" Well, while it might not look like much on the surface (it doesn't even the mark the first appearance of those Justice Society of America heroes), there's a story inside that marks Wonder Woman's debut! 

Yes, All-Star Comics #8 is where Diana Prince and Steve Trevor first embarked on an adventure together courtesy of William Moulton Marston and H. G. Peter.

While the Amazon warrior has evolved and changed massively since this comic book was released in 1941, this was her origin story, so it's no wonder interest in the title increased after Wonder Woman was released in theaters. For fans of this iconic DC Comics superhero, this is a must-have.

4. Detective Comics #27 - $1.075 Million

Even someone who never picked up a comic book in their lives will know who Batman is and the Dark Knight has become a pop culture icon. Between countless comic books and several hit film, television, and video game adaptations, Bruce Wayne has become one of the world's most popular superheroes since first showing up in 1939.

Detective Comics #27 saw Bob Kane and Bill Finger create DC Comics' biggest draw, and while the Caped Crusader has changed massively since, this is obviously a key moment in his history.

You won't find any familiar villains from Batman's rogues gallery here, but Commissioner Gordon debuted as did some key parts of the hero's lore like Wayne Tower and the iconic hero's utility belt. 

3. Batman #1 - $2.22 Million

Topping Detective Comics #27 is Bob Kane and Bill Finger's Batman #1. Released in 1940, this was the Dark Knight's first appearance outside of the title he debuted in and introduced iconic characters like The Joker and Catwoman. Those two have become as iconic as Batman himself, so no wonder the value of Batman #1 has skyrocketed.

Once again, this was still early days for Batman as a character, but a lot of what's in here laid the groundwork for what followed over the next few decades. 

It's definitely surprising for a non-first appearance of a character to skyrocket in value, but between that iconic cover and the fact it marks The Joker's debut, perhaps it's not as surprising as it initially seems. Either way, for fans of the Caped Crusader, this would be a dream come true to own. 

2. Action Comics #1 - $3.25 Million

Batman may be DC's most popular superhero in the eyes of many fans, but Superman's first appearance is understandably considered one of the most must-have collector's items of all time. 

Action Comics #1 arrived on stands in 1938 from the team of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and saw the Man of Steel make his debut in the still very young DC Universe. As well as telling Superman's now iconic origin story, we also met Lois Lane, and this is a true game-changer in comic book history on a number of levels. 

Despite being the personification of an American superhero, Superman's logo has become one of the most familiar pieces of imagery on the entire planet and this was where it all began for him.

1. Amazing Fantasy #15 - $3.6 Million

Ask three comic book fans who the most popular superhero in the world is and you'll probably get three different answers: Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. In the case of the latter, his first appearance in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's 1962 issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 recently broke records, and we're really not surprised. 

For starters, the cover art is nothing short of iconic, and it could be argued that it's actually the most iconic piece of imagery in the entire history of Marvel Comics. 

You won't find familiar baddies like Doctor Octopus or the Green Goblin here, but Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Flash Thompson, and Liz Allan all appeared for the first time alongside Peter Parker. Crucially, this comic book also tells his now iconic origin story, making this a true collector's item.

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