Civil War Saga? Are Marvel's Plans BIGGER Than We Thought?

Have we overlooked a HUGE clue to Marvel Studio's plans in one of the "Sony Hack" emails? Does Captain America: Civil War contain the HUGE storyline in one movie? Or does it just the beginning of the storyline? How will the Netflix shows be effected? Make the jump to see the evidence I have uncovered!

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By now, unless you live under a rock, you know of the "Sony Hack" emails and the possibility of Spider-man joining the MCU. But this is not what I'd like to talk about today. I think one of the emails gives us much bigger information on the MCU than we've ever known. Let me explain.While I'm not going to post the actual photo of the email from the "Sony Hack" I will post the content of one of the emails I'm going to be discussing and my theory of what it means for the MCU. Sorry for the grammar below because I'm copying directly from the email it's self I have no control over the bad grammar.

cap 3 is may 2016

the s film will won't continue the plot from cap but it will exist in a world where that story has happened. tony recruited sm. gave him the suit. he has met black widow and cap ect....he is now back at home with aunt may in queens and back in high will not necessarily  be a story from the civil war saga but exist int he universe were superheros are now divided into two groups

marvels number for their movies is always 1.2 so that is the right number to trigger additional films

avengers 3 and 4 or part one and two are going to be released may 2018 and 2019. their ask is that he be in both of those movies. we need to guarantee  that a second stand alone spiderman movie happens in 2019 at least so its not too
long in between stand alone sm movies but, and because that is the biggest benefit to us....we canrespond the way you suggest but that is not what they are asking for...however not having a spiderman standalone movie until after both avengers years is not good for us?

What does this mean? I'd like to concentrate on this phrase "civil war saga". Now, saga usually means more than one film. So instead of having Captain America: Civil War be the end of Civil War, I think it will be the begining.

Here is how I think the movies will go down. 

Avengers: Age of Ultron: After all the destruction Ultron causes, it makes Tony wake up again (much like in the first Iron Man) realizing that the Avengers and all other "superheroes" need to be responsible to someone. Thus the government asks him to support "The Superhero Registration Act". Tony accepts.

Ant-man: Someone would ask Hank Pym to help with the Superhero Registration Act thus pitting Hank Pym and Scott Lang at odds as Scott would start to enjoy being a "Superhero".

Captain America: Civil War: The Superhero Registration Act is now law. Tony asks Steve to be a part of the team but Steve refuses, believing the act will be misused and it will infringe on personal liberty. The war is on.

Doctor Strange: Civil War won't effect this much if any.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: No effect.

Thor: Ragnarok: No effect

Black Panther: I think this will have a big effect in the Civil War event and possibly conclude it. It would have Black Panther trying to find which side to take only to realize there is more at stake.

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1: Tony and Steve have both disbanded from the Avengers a new leader rises and that's Black Panther. He makes a new team of Avengers to prepare as Thanos heads to Earth for the Infinity Stones. Thanos defeats them and gets the Infinity Stones.

Captain Marvel: As Carol becomes a new player in the Avengers she encourages Tony and Steve to work together once again and take the fight to Thanos.

Inhumans: No effect.

Avengers: Infinity War Part 2: Tony and Steve put their differences finally aside and take the fight to Thanos thus ending the "Civil War Saga".

I think Marvel is deciding with Captain America: Civil War, that the "solo movies" aren't really just solo adventures. They can continue an over arcing story in the "solo movies". This way they'll explain the gripes that some had, "Why doesn't this hero help that hero in his adventure."

That's just the movies though. I think the "Civil War Saga" will be felt though out the Netflix shows. Wouldn't be too suprised if some of the characters from the films popped up in these shows either. I think that Marvel's Netflix series will be much more involved with the universe than we think and tell smaller but longer "movies" than the big screen flicks.

The Defenders may partly be about the heroes not wanting to work with the Government. Plus I think they will announce other shows soon. Who knows we may get a "Civil War" show! Doubtful but one can hope.

What do you think? Would you like this to be Marvel's plan? Or would you like something different. To those who have read the Civil War comic, do you think it can be contained in one movie? Or would you rather it spread out though multiple films/shows? Tell us in the comments below!
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