DC FanDome: 10 Biggest Announcements And Reveals To Come Out Of The Epic 24 Hour Event

It's fair to say that Warner Bros. blew us all away with Saturday's incredible DC FanDome event, and we're not taking a look back at the ten biggest announcements and reveals to come out of the show...

We had high expectations heading into DC FanDome on Saturday, but it seems fair to say that the virtual event actually exceeded them. Warner Bros. treated us to everything from trailers to major announcements and jaw-dropping reveals over the course of the day, and it was arguably even bigger than what we usually see from them at the San Diego Comic-Con every July.

The only thing missing was announcements of future DC Films, but it's been known for a while that Warner Bros. is moving away from promising fans an entire slate of movies too far in advance.

We posted upwards of thirty articles on Saturday to bring you guys all the latest DC FanDome reveals, so it's fair to say it was a busy night here on CBM. Now, though, in case you missed any of that, we've rounded up what we consider to be the ten biggest stories and reveals from the show. 

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10. Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Finally Shows Off Cheetah

It's been a long time coming, but a new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 was finally revealed during DC FanDome and that pulled back the curtain on Kristen Wiig's Cheetah in a big way. We've seen the villain in promo art and action figure form, but this action-packed footage finally showed her in motion.

She didn't disappoint, and the rest of this sneak peek pointed to an exciting, visually pleasing adventure which offers a fresh new spin on the Amazon Warrior after her previous adventures.

9. Black Adam's Justice Society Is Revealed

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam panel definitely delivered, kicking off with a concept art sizzle reel establishing the character's place in the DC Extended Universe. After spending 5000 years locked away, he's back with a vengeance, and set to clash with the Justice Society ("of America" wasn't mentioned). 

Hawkman and Dr. Fate will recruit Cyclone and Atom-Smasher to the team, and reading between the lines of what we see above, it looks like they're hoping Black Adam might help them out. However, he has his own way of doing things as he stands for "Truth, Justice, and the Black Adam way."

8. Gotham Knights Is Coming In 2021

We were promised a big video game announcement at DC FanDome, and that came in the form of Gotham Knights. Set after the events of Arkham Knight, it's going to be released next year, and will put players in control of Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood in the wake of Batman's demise. 

Rocksteady isn't responsible for making the game, but based on what we've seen thus far, that shouldn't be cause for concern. Interestingly, we'll be able to play it either on our own or in Co-Op mode. 

7. The Flash's New Costume

The Flash panel was brief, but director Andy Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti shared some exciting reveals, confirming that the Scarlet Speedster will travel back in time to try and save his mother. It was then that the filmmakers shared a first look at what we can expect from that. 

Not only will the Fastest Man Alive have a new costume, but we can look forward to him teaming up with Michael Keaton's Batman as well who, based on this artwork, hasn't aged since we last saw him. Perhaps rumours of the Caped Crusader having protected Gotham for thirty years were incorrect?

6. Task Force X Is Finally Revealed

There was no trailer for The Suicide Squad at DC FanDome, but that didn't mean the movie's panel disappointed. While much of it was devoted to an enjoyable quiz involving director James Gunn and the reboot/sequel's eclectic cast, a behind the scenes featurette offered a first look at footage along with insight from the actors who will bring these characters to life on screen next year.

What really got fans talking, though, was this "Roll Call" video revealing who everyone in The Suicide Squad is playing (along with a first look at each of their respective characters). King Shark? Bloodsport? The Peacemaker? Things in this movie really are going to get truly insane. 

5. Shazam! 2 Gets A Title

Zachary Levi was joined by co-stars like Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer during the Shazam! panel, and they revealed the follow-up will be titled Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Considering the fact we've been under the impression that the "Marvel Family" will be battling Mister Mind and Dr. Sivana, it's hard not to wonder what this title could mean for the Shazam! sequel. While it's still possible they'll be facing the Monster Society of Evil, chances are the stakes will be a little higher (Black Adam, perhaps?). Unfortunately, no specific plot details were shared on Saturday.

4. Suicide Squad Kill The Justice Looks Badass

Unfortunately, Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League isn't set to be released until 2022, and the wait for Rocksteady's next game is definitely going to hurt. However, if what this story trailer revealed is any indication, we can look forward to an awesome, action-packed adventure.

It seems as if Braniac's arrival on Earth is going to lead to the Justice League falling under his control, and Task Force X - Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark in this case - are dispatched to take them out with players able to take control of all four of them.

3. Titans Season 3 Introduces Some Familiar Faces

Season three of Titans will be set in Gotham City, and that means some familiar faces will be appearing in the series. Jason Todd will return as Red Hood, ditching his Robin identity "in his obsession to take down his old team," while Barbara Gordon will show up as the Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, and she wants Nightwing and his team out of her city. 

Scarecrow will also factor into proceedings; however, rather than terrorising Gotham City, he's going to be used as an Arkham Asylum inmate who offers his services as a profiler for the GCPD.

2. Justice League: The Snyder Cut Trailer Impresses

Zack Snyder promised that he would bring a trailer for Justice League to DC FanDome, and that he most certainly did. Set to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," Uxas/Darkseid was finally revealed in all his glory, while Steppenwolf's new design was shown off alongside a surprise appearance from DeSaad.

It appears as if the movie's official title is now Justice League: The Snyder Cut, and the filmmaker's take on these character is clearly vastly different to what ended up in theaters back in 2017.

1. The Batman Trailer Promises "Vengeance"

The Batman panel main evented DC FanDome, and it's easy to see why. Director Matt Reeves dropped plenty of exciting details about what fans can expect from his movie, including the fact it will be a "Year Two" adventure following a Batman trying to turn the tide against Gotham's corruption.

Of course, the biggest reveal to come out of the panel was the first trailer for the movie. Only 25 - 30% of it has actually been shot at this stage, but the footage we've seen definitely impressed, and Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight looks like a damaged, broken man constantly pushed to the end.

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