Heavenly New ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Poster Promises "Yule Believe In Miracles" This Christmas

A new one-sheet for the upcoming PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 has been released, and it features The Merc With a Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) and his new protege Fred Savage hanging out with the Heavenly Host...

Once Upon a Deadpool will hit theaters for a special limited run on December 12, and 20th Century Fox has now released a new poster for the PG-13 edition of the Merc With a Mouth's block-busting sequel.

The first one-sheet saw Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and Fred Savage (himself) ushering in the holiday season from the back of a reindeer, and this latest bit of marketing is no less over-the-top, as the duo hang out in Heaven surrounded by angels, bubbles, and a little canine companion.

Check out the poster below, along with our countdown of the original R-rated cut's best/worst character, and let us know if you plan on catching Once Upon a Deadpool in theaters.

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Early test-screening reactions were said to be negative because of how Deadpool 2 treats Vanessa, and it's not hard to see why.

The love of Wade's life is gunned down within the first 10 minutes of the movie, and although she does show up again at the end to welcome her man into heaven (kinda) after he sacrifices himself to save Russel, it really is a waste of a well-liked character and a very talented actress in Morena Baccarin.

Then again, 'Pool does ultimately reverse time and save her so there's every chance we'll see 'Nessa again at some point.


Wade's bartender buddy drops by for an extended cameo here, but while the character had some undeniably funny moments in the first movie, he mostly falls flat this time around.

T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds clearly have the potential to spark off each other well, it's just unfortunate that the only scenes they appear in together are relatively light on laughs.

Granted, there are a couple of chuckles to be wrung out of Weasel's "torture" scene with Cable.


Dopinder and his relationship with Deadpool was one of the highlights of the first movie, but they make some rather odd decisions with his character this time.

After (inadvertently) killing his love-rival, the sweet-natured cabby developed a bit of a bloodlust and is now determined to join Wade as a killer for hire.

This winds up being more off-putting than humorous for the most part - although it does all build to a very funny moment at the end when Dopinder mows down Russell's bastard of a headmaster in his taxi.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

After an impressive debut as Colossus' moody teenage sidekick, fans were looking forward to seeing more of Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic in Deadpool 2, but she only pops in twice. Well, thrice of you count a brief mid-credits appearance.

Her scenes are still very enjoyable, however, and we do get some more great banter with The Merc.

Hopefully we see more of Negasonic and her girl Yukio in the future.


It had all-but been confirmed that Juggernaut would show up in the movie, and when he makes his grand entrance the action definitely kicks up a notch or two. However, there's no getting away from the fact that he looks a bit crap!

Some shots are fine, but for the most part his movements are far too cartoonish-looking, and any time there's a closeup of his face... yikes.

Yes, this movie is working off a (relatively) reduced budget, but when Colossus looks so good there's really no excuse.


14 year-old Russell, a.k.a. Firefist, turns out to be a much bigger player than we'd realised, and actually ties the entire plot together. He also winds up serving as the closest thing the movie has to a principal antagonist.

Kiwi actor Julian Dennison does a terrific job, too - although not all of his "gangsta" callbacks to his Hunt for the Wilderpeople character work so well.

His motivations also don't seem to be very consistent, but then, he is supposed to be a mixed up kid that's gone through a lot of horrible stuff.


Cable is a character fans have been hoping to see in the X-Universe for a very long time, and Josh Brolin does a great job of bringing the time-travelling badass to the screen - even if we don't ever really find out that much about him.

A satisfying introduction aside, Cable is a great addition and works brilliantly as the straight man to Reynolds' perma-annoying Merc with a Mouth.

Hopefully we'll get that crazy backstory when Cable steps up to lead the team in the X-Force movie.


As you've probably heard, Domino is indeed a major highlight of Deadpool 2.

This is a more affable take on the character's somewhat stoic comic counterpart, but Atlanta star Zazie Beetz does an excellent job in the role - even if it would have been nice to see a bit more of her.

Domino's "imaginary powers" are depicted in a very clever way, and result in some of the most exciting - and often hilarious - action sequences.


Yes, Colossus just edges out Cable and Domino for the second best character in Deadpool 2. The metal mutant with the heart of gold was a highlight of the first film anyway, but here he gets a lot more screen-time and it definitely pays off.

Wade and Cable bounce off each other well, but in many ways it's the Merc's rocky bromance with Colossus that emerges as the most memorable character dynamic in the movie.

Oh, and we need to give a special shoutout to "[frick]ernaut."


Of course The Merc with a Mouth takes the #1 spot!

All of Ryan Reynolds'hard work to get the first Deadpool off the ground paid off when audiences realised just how good he really was in the role, and the actor continues to prove that he was born to play the motormouthed antihero in the sequel.

There have been complaints that Wade fires off a few too many one-liners this time, but that's always been part and parcel of character. True, not every joke lands and the switch to genuine sincerity at the end (was anyone else waiting for him to start taking the piss out of heaven?) may have been misjudged, but overall, Reynolds - and Deadpool - nailed it.
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