More Hi-Res DEADPOOL 2 Stills Highlight Colossus, The Sequel's Final Battle, And X-Force - SPOILERS

Another batch of hi-res images from Deadpool 2 have been released and as well as featuring key moments from the sequel's final battle, we also see more of Colossus, and the final iteration of X-Force.

Deadpool 2 is now entering its third week of release and the signs are pointing to the sequel being every bit as successful as its predecessor. Of course, with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hitting international markets next week, the R-Rated movie could have its legs quickly cut off at overseas.

With any luck, Deadpool 2 will be able to grow big enough baby legs so that it's not hurt too badly (just like the Merc himself) but regardless of whether you loved or loathed the follow-up, these new hi-res images are well worth checking out as they highlight a number of memorable moments and scenes. 

To check those out, all you have to do is click on the "View List" button. There's a lot of great stuff here, including fresh shots of Colossus, Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and even The Juggernaut if you missed those last night. Once you've taken a look, share your thoughts on them in the usual place. 

Meet X-Force! By the time the sequel ends, this is pretty much the current iteration of the team but it's hard to imagine Colossus, Firefist, and Dopinder being card carrying members in the spinoff.

That's The Juggernaut in the background doing battle with Cable and the fact the Merc with the Mouth has been stabbed in the head here has to be a throwback to Ajax stabbing him in the first movie.

Wade Wilson briefly becomes a member of the X-Men in this movie but it doesn't take long until he and Colossus clash over how best to handle Firefist's breakdown outside the sinister Essex House. 

Colossus looks glum here and if you've seen the sequel, you'll know that's because he's watching the Merc with the Mouth die (until Cable travels back in time to set things right and save the anti-hero).

X-Force forever! The first iteration of the team obviously doesn't fare too well as they're each killed off gruesomely after a parachute drop goes horribly wrong and the wind gets the better of them all.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead once again had a pretty minor role in this movie but she certainly knows how to make an impact and you can see a Brianna Hildebrand photoshoot by clicking here

This shot may not be the most exciting but the Merc with the Mouth is, of course, looking up at his X-Force teammates as they parachute to various grisly demises. But hey, at least he's okay! 

The sequence in the X-Mansion was perhaps the best part of Deadpool 2 (it was certainly up there, anyway) and here we get to see Wade Wilson getting emotional with his old buddy Colossus. 

Deadpool hangs out with Dopinder in this shot from the sequel and while you might think the taxi driver would have worn out his welcome by this stage, he actually provided some hilarious moments!

To check out some more previously released stills from Deadpool 2, keep scrolling to see the rest. 

In what was quite clearly a homage to the time The Hulk tore Wolverine in two, The Juggernaut tears the Merc With The Mouth straight down the middle in this hilariously gruesome sequence.

Ouch! While Wolverine had to crawl across the Canadian wilderness to retrieve his legs, Deadpool grew a new pair of them leading to one of the sequel's most hilarious sequences. Baby legs rule!

A lot of fans were critical about the quality of the special effects on The Juggernaut's face and we later learned that it was Ryan Reynolds who voiced the iconic comic book villain in the sequel.

Pairing up The Juggernaut with Firefist was a cool move and while we never got to see the former in a comic book accurate costume, it is, of course, possible that could change further down the line.

The Juggernaut may be unstoppable but he still ended up taking a bullet to the eye in this movie and that only served to further enrage him before he was ultimately defeated by Colossus. 

We've never seen this version of Colossus in his human form so what happens to that dent when he reverts back to that? Is his skull fractured or are we just overthinking things? We'll let you decide!

The work done on Colossus in this movie was nothing short of extraordinary and he definitely looked better than in the first movie. Here, we get to see an immense level of detail on the X-Man.

This shot comes from a fairly early point in Deadpool 2 when Colossus is horrified by the Merc With The Mouth's actions and wastes no time at all taking him down and letting him be arrested. 

Colossus manages to take The Juggernaut down by electrocuting him and while some fans jumped to the conclusion that the villain is dead, he was actually very much alive at the end of the movie.

Here, we see Domino realise that no matter how good her luck is, bullets have little to no effect on The Juggernaut and the villain is so unstoppable, he's capable of shrugging off even her best attack.

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