Road To INFINITY WAR: Mind-Bending DOCTOR STRANGE Concept Art Shows Deleted Scenes And Trippy Moments

A new batch of Doctor Strange has surfaced today and it offers up a fascinating look at not only some of the movie's trippiest scenes but moments which didn't actually make it into the final cut...

Avengers: Infinity War is fast approaching and while there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Marvel Studios movie, many fans are seriously psyched about getting to spend time with specific characters. Chief among them is Doctor Strange, a hero who popped up briefly in Thor: Ragnarok but hasn't been properly seen since his solo movie was released to much success back in 2016. 
The Sorcerer Supreme is expected to have a meaty role in the superhero ensemble (especially as he has an Infinity Stone hanging around his neck) but we're now looking back at his own outing. 

By clicking either one of the buttons below, you can check out some more amazing pieces of artwork from Doctor Strange showing off scenes which didn't make it into the movie and how exactly Marvel's amazing team of artists conjured up some of the MCU's most trippy and mind-bending visuals to date. These are all a must-see so check them out and then share your thoughts in the usual place.

Marvel's Multiverse

One of the most memorable pieces of imagery in the movie, here we see Stephen Strange thoroughly overwhelmed by what he's seeing when The Ancient One sends him through the Multiverse.

Nice Gloves, Stephen

This take on the Sorcerer Supreme was clearly inspired by the comic books and this piece of artwork finds a clever way of incorporating his familiar yellow gloves in a realistic and believable way.

Enter The Mirror Dimension

The Mirror Dimension played a significant role in Doctor Strange and here we see some of the work which went into bringing that world to life on the big screen as the hero opens a doorway. 

Astral Plane Battle

Here, we see some very monstrous looking takes on Kaecilius' followers as an unconscious Strange unleashes his Astral Form, a much different design to what ended up making it into the movie. 

What is Even Happening?

Has Strange been playing around with the Time Stone again? Here, we see him spot a lone figure (presumably himself) in what could very well be a deleted scene from the Marvel Studios movie. 

A Marvel Movie Unlike Any Other

I'm not sure what is going on here but it's a gorgeous piece of artwork and one which obviously went a long way in figuring out some of Doctor Strange's tripper and more unusual pieces of imagery.

That's Gotta Hurt

Another take on that key moment in the Multiverse, this beautiful piece of concept art clearly played a huge role in what we ended up seeing in live-action (well, and plenty of visual effects too). 

Playing With Time

Once again, it appears as if Strange is toying with the Eye of Agamotto here as he attempts to undo the damage caused by Kaecilius destroying the Hong Kong Sanctum and opening a doorway.

Strange Vs. Kaecilius

Back to the Mirror Dimension we go! As you can see, Kaecilius was once going to look a lot different and this character actually resembles Nicodemus West from the Doctor Strange: The Oath series.

Hospital Battle

This fight in the hospital once again offers a vastly different take on the villain's followers but base don what's happening in the background, this is quite clearly taking place on the Astral Plane!

Strange's Past, Present, And Future

More time travel shenanigans here as Stephen Strange finds himself looking at both his past self and what's to come in his future. Needless to say, seeing this on the big screen would have been awesome.

Another Battle On The Astral Plane

The villains sure did go through a lot of different looks, eh? Here we see yet another take on them as the Sorcerer Supreme does battle on what we can again only assume is the Astral Plane. 

Meet The Ancient One

Well, this hurts your eyes to look at! I can't quite tell what is going on here but it's a clever piece of imagery and a trick you can easily believe The Ancient One would use on Stephen Strange. 

Enter The Dark Dimension

A doorway has been opened to the Dark Dimension and here we get a good look at Doctor Strange looking up at the home of the Dread Dormammu, someone he would defeat in the final act.

Strange's Journey Begins

When she first meets the former surgeon, The Ancient One blasts him through the Multiverse and this piece gives us a great look at how that mind-bending sequence was dreamt up early on.

The Sorcerer Supreme

This awesome shot of Doctor Strange shows a significantly smaller Eye of Agamotto but gives us a good frame of reference for how the spells he casts were imagined before being put in live-action.

These Will Hurt Your Eyes...






More trippy and crazy pieces of artwork, we'll leave you to try and figure out what's going on in these but they provide looks at the Dark Dimension and Strange's unexpected visit to the Multiverse.

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