New FMA Brotherhood:FanCast (By the SoulEater)

This is a revamped version of the cast I already chose because I made a few changes.


(For those who haven't finished the series, I WILL Be casting people who haven't been revealed yet, or reached the stage of looking like this yet.)

SO lets start off....

So once again with the Elric Brothers to start us off...

I've finally come to terms i had to make a decision and it
For Edward Elric, the Full Metal Alchemist, and it was Josh Hutcherson.

If you can excuse his brown hair and dye it sandy blonde like it appears in the hunger games, or even to the extreme blonde, he has the good acting, stature (height wise) and feisty personality to play Edward, he even can get his voice pretty high and raspy.

For his YOUNGER brother Alphonse Elric

I choose Alex Ferris, just give him blonde hair.

Ta Da.

For the Older version of Alphonse Elric

Alex Ludwig from Witch Mountain

For Winry, it was alot easier.

Anna Sophia Robb from this years Soul Surfer as Ms. Winry Rockbell.

For her gran mother, Pinako Rockbell, I choose (who else?) Hellen Hunt

(Seriously, is there anyone else? NO!)

For Van Hoenheim, I choose Kevin McKidd

He of course would also be playing FATHER

To play a Younger Van Hoenhiem, I choose Jeremy Sumpter

Jeremy Sumpter

For his wife and the brother's mother Trisha, I choose Keri Russell

Now for the Dogs of the Military, starting with the first of the Homunculi

For Fuhrer King Bradley aka Wrath, I choose Ted Levine, anyone who's followed his acting knows he can steal your heart as a good guy, and terrorize you as a villain. And as long as you stunt doubled his fighting parts out convincingly, he could easily be the most intimidating thing about the movie.

Both choices in my opinion would be great, both for looks, but each would have their own way of conveying the role, I'm more patial to Ted myself but i'm eager to hear your thoughts.

(Though Not one of the military, she is the wife of the Furher)

So Madam Furher Bradley, I choose Elizabeth Reaser

For Col. Roy Mustang, soon to be General I choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he has that Mustang Air about him, and would look cold eye cool as the Flame Alchemist.

For his second in command, Lieutenant Col. Riza Hawkeye, I choose Yvonne Strahovski from CHUCK, she has the intelligence and sophistication for the role.

For the illustrious, INCREDIBLE Alex Louis Armstrong of the Armstrong Family, I choose Tom Hardy.

He's got the acting, comedic presence and ablity to insanely bulk up for the role.

For everyones favorite Lieutenant Col. Maes Hughes, I choose Jerry O'Connell
Look at the picture, and tell me it doesn't work. (also if you've seen any of his serious/comedic acting, you'll know the parts for him.)

For Second Lieutenant Maria Ross, I choose Valorie Curry, she seemed to IDEAL not to play her.

(no this isn't photoshoped, thats how she looks normally, she's THAT identical)

For Sergeant Denny Brosh, I choose Shawn Ashmore from X2

For Jean Havok, I choose Smallville's Alan Ritchson.

For anyone who's seen Blue Mountain State, This guy IS Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc! Humor, looks, the whole bit.

For Sergent Major Kain Furry it was kinda easy, Justin Bartha as him.

For Second Lt. Haymens Breda it was a bit harder, but i didn't want someone like Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill because as important as he is, his screen time isn't enough for the two comedians and it would be a waist of their time. So finally I found the perfect medium. Adam Pally. Good actor, funny, looks the part, ^_^.

For the Rogue State Alchemist, Isaac the Freezer, I choose Sam Worthington. Nuff said..

For the sniper and dear friend to Riza, Second Lt. Becky Catalina, I choose Christy Carson Romano.

For Sheshka, cheif hisstorian for The Amestres State Military, I choose Bonnie Wright

NOW for the Briggs side of the State Military, For Col. Olivier Mira Armstrong(Sister to Louis Armstrong), I choose Abbie Cornish.

For Major Miles and second in Command to Olivier

I choose....


But no seriously I choose Jason David Frank.....

For Captain Buccaneer, the Ruthless man of Automail, I choose Vinnie Jones....B***cH!!!!!!!

Now for the Murdering psychopath of the Ishvalin war...War Criminal and Crismon Alchemist, Zolf Kimblee...I choose Timothy Olyphant

Now for the character of Scar, I choose Dwayne Johnsone.


But no seriously, for all those who say "Ooooh Dwayne can't play his character! He's nothing like Scar.."

THINK about how your saying he can't play the character of Scar who is a large, brown, bulky bad ass who speaks in grunts and sort sentences and glares like he's going to kill you half the time with a chip on his shoulder from his past...HONESTLY!!!

For his Brother, known only as "Scar's Brother" I choose Salim Ortiz from HEROES

Moving on, across to the North in the other region of the FMA universe is the Xing empire, candidate for the ruler of such is Prince Ling.

For him I choose Aaron Yoo, like Jean Havoc's choice, he's pretty much spot on in every way for the part of the Xing prince, looks and humor.

For his Love interest (don't pretend like she isnt) and loyal body guard *Wink wink*, Lan Fang of the empirial guard... I choose Ellen Wong from Scott Pilgram vs. the World. She seemed most suited for the part.

For her father and Cheif Body guard of the Prince, I choose Tzima as Fu
(thats his real name :S )

For the Xingese Princess trying to beat Ling in the race to discover immortality, Princess May Chang I choose Elsie Fisher. Her i'm not entirely sold on but she's what I have for now.

For the exiled Yoki I choose Ken Jeong

Moving Back to Amestris, I've casted the corrupt Holy man, Father Cornello, with Steven Berkoff from the TOURIST

For one of his former converts, now free of his manipulation I choose Vampire Diaries' Nina Doprev as Rose

For the Kind but gruff Dr. Knox i choose AVATAR's Stephen Lang

For the Elric brother's Teacher, known as the "HOUSE WIFE" Izumi, I choose Reiko Aylesworth

For her husband, "Sigs" Sigfried I choose Jeffory Dean Morgan

For Dr. Marcho, I choose Tim Robbins

For the automail prodigy and human cannon Paninya, I choose Dana Davis, she's acrobatically and a great actress.

For the zainy former serial killer trapped in automail, Barry the Hatcher, I choose the flash back self and the voice of which, being Rob Schnider.

For the demented and sadistic Dr. Shou Tucker, I choose Michael Emmerson, I have a pretty good feeling that ANYONE who fancasted this in their head thought of him when trying to come up for an actor for him...

Now for the Homunculous, who I've been saving for last

Firstly Gluttony and Sloth will most likely be CGI like the incredible Hulk.

Now For GREED, I choose Zachary Quinto, he's got that weirdness, yet creepiness to deliver the part.

For Lust...I choose Rose McGowen, she's PERFECT.

for Envy, I choose Nicolas Hoult.

and lastly for PRIDE...the First Homonculous, I choose Max Records from Where the Wild things are, something about that boy creeps out people.

I am most eager to hear who you guys think should be the Furher out of who I selected

Well I'm tired, and I await your feedback,

SoulEater out.

You owe me your souls...
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