Who ya gonna call? MercMatt's Ghostbusters fancast.

I decided to skip the sequel route and go with a complete reboot. Click away, and check out my fancast for a rebooted Ghostbusters.

So... With the recent news of Bill Murray not coming back for another round of ghostbusting, people have been kind of going crazy over it. Not everyone, though. Some of us are fine without Murray coming back, but some say it can't be done without him.

I damn sure want another Ghostbusters movie, but not a sequel. I say start this shit over and reboot it. Same, original characters, different cast. Bill Murray and the rest of the cast were great... But it's time for something new. Even if it is with the original characters.

So... These are my choices for taking over the roles of the original cast. So far, I think all of my choices are original, but if not, feel free to correct me. I don't much care who likes this cast, but I like my choices.

First off... Let's start with Peter Venkman.

Yea! Bill Murray owned this role. I would never take that from him or even try. I mean... He's Bill F*cking Murray. But he's not coming back. Yes, it's a shame, but I think some people need to lay off his codd piece and let it go.

I chose Zac Efron to take on this role. Why? First off... The guy can actually act. He did amazing in Charlie St. CLoud and was really good in 17 Again. Girls(most girls) love him, and will head to the theaters just to look at him. He's got the confidence that Murray put into Venkman, and I have no doubt that Zac Efron can pull this off.

Now on to Ray Stantz.

Dan Akyroyd is awesome. He did great as Ray and was my favorite from the two movies. In order to pull this role off, I chose Clark Duke.

He's been seen in Hottub Time Machine and Kick-Ass, and can be funny as hell. I think his look and talent could definitely pull off a modern day Ray.

Up next is Winston Zeddemore.

I liked how Ernie Hudson portrayed Winston in the first Ghostbusters. He was right for the role and fit right in with the rest of the cast. So taking over as Winston will be Derek Luke.

He's been in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, and he did an amazing job in Drumline. I think he's got what it takes to bring Winston back to the big scgreen.

That leaves us with Egon Spengler.

Yea, I like Harold Ramis too, and thought he did good as the brainy genious in the films. So to take over as Egon, I chose Jesse Eisenberg.

He was funny and great in Zombieland, and his role as Mark Zuckerberg in the Social Network showed that he could easily pull of the "smart" type. Eisenberg, imo, is perfect for the role of Egon.

With Janine Melnitz...

I thought Annie Pots did just fine in the first movie. But her character went through a total makeover in GB2. Kind of thought the change was unnecessary, and preferred the original take. To take over this role, I chose Ellen Page.

She was great in Juno, and her roles in Inception and Super were very well played as well. I think she has the perfact look, sound, and feel, to pull off Janine.

Lewis Tully was kind of a no-brainer.

Rick Morranis has always been a great and funny actor, to me. He was the perfect guy to be type-cast in dorky roles. So who else to take over this role than McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Yea! I'm type-casting here. But how can you disagree??? This, to me, is picture perfect casting.

Last but definitely not least, is Dana Barret.

Sigournie Weaver worked out very well in this role, and that is partlt because her and Bill Murray had great chemistry. They just worked. No explanation needed. Recasting this role actually took a bit of time. I couldn't think of who would fit so well with Zac Efron. But then it hit me. Mila Kunis would be great in this role.

Mila Kunis has proven herself as a great actress and has a wide range of talent. She can be funny, serious, ditzy, and is just so damn gorgeous. I think that her and Efron would have great chemistry on screen and would at least give you some of that Murray/Weaver feeling.

So this is my fancast. It's probably not perfect, but I like it. Whether you agree or disagree with my choices, mouth off below. Cheers!
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