Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost

Poster and description Wonder Woman Film, to work alongside Man of Steel and eventual Justice League Movie...

After the events of the JL film I posted yesterday we get to see a few more characters get their own spotlight on the silver screen.

The first of which would be Wonder Woman. She is played by Gina Carano, just as in the JL film.

Origin stories are nice, but I think that most can be done very quickly, and don't need an entire film to tell. Wonder Woman's origin would be told at the beginning of this film through an 'interview' setting. WW would be narrating her own origin to a reporter looking to tell more about her to the world who has now seen her as a super powerful being.

Diana tells that she won the right to leave Themyscira, much to her families disappointment, to go to the outside world as a peace emissary. She tells that she has not returned to her island for she has not brought total peace to the world, and would only disappoint those she left.

"Well maybe it's time to go back, take a break from all this, relax in paradise for a while."-reporter

Diana takes the reporter's words to heart and decides to travel back to Themyscira.

She finds it scourged upon her return. Her mother, Hippolyta, is found amongst a few other survivors, and she tells the tale ruin to Diana. We see Ares' destruction as Hippolyta tells it. She tells that she called upon Diana's father, who the humans knew as a god, but he did not answer. Hippolyta completes the story and asks Diana to leave the island, to forget it, for it has been lost. Diana does not follow the advice of her dying mother, but instead leaves to search the island for its conquerer.

Once finding Ares and his minions they fight, and she quickly loses. Ares leaves her for dead. She is visited by her father, Zeus. He explains that he is not a god, but like other superheroes the world has come to know arrived many millennia ago from far far away. He offers her advice in defeating Ares, but says he can not intervene.

Diana is not accepting of her father, as he would not come to her mother's aid. He helps to heal her wounds and she leaves immediately after. As she leaves, Zeus claims that her temper reminds him of Ares, though she probably does not have such a weakness for beautiful women.

Diana finds Ares once again, this time with a plan. She uses her beauty to convince Ares that she wishes to join him, to rule the island and eventually the world.

"I sure hope those girls at home never hear about me using my good looks like this."

Once allied with Ares she convinces him that his allies are looking to take from him when not looking. She knows his rage will blind him to the truth. She is correct, and Ares destroys his own minions. After battling his own he looks to rest with Diana, but she takes the chance to fight the weakened Ares, this time defeating him.

Her father visits her again, and she begrudgingly thanks him for the advice. He asks her to stay and rebuild her home, but she says she does not belong. Though she isn't sure just where it is she does belong. She visits her dying mother once again before leaving, but with a gift from her father. The gift from Zeus heals Hippolyta, and Diana gives her the task of rebuilding.

Diana returns to our world with a better understanding of herself and what makes her different. She seeks out other superhumans, for she knows she is like them, that is where she belongs.

In a postcredit scene we see a view of Themyscira from the sea, as the camera pans out we see a crowned, blonde head sticking out of the water, watching the great civilization rebuild. He turns, revealing his face and dives underwater, zooming off into the blue.
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