Yvonne Strahovski Can Play EVERYONE!!

If she's awesome and she's blonde, cast "Chuck's" Sarah Walker.

This past week saw the end of a geek favorite show- NBC’s Chuck. While we certainly wish the cast and crew all the best in future endeavors, this could be the chance for one particular star to break out big in fanboy movies.

Yvonne Strahovski.

Yvonne was pretty excellent as Sarah Walker, the CIA spy and handler of Chuck. Through 5 seasons we got a great look at what a butt-kicker this woman is and it’s clear she has what it takes to play a TON of nerd-dream roles moving forward.

I already picked my go-to girl as Dr. Blight for an adaptation of Captain Planet, but here are some more characters from games and comics she’d be great casting for:


This is the first character to come to mind. A Mortal Kombat reboot is already in the works, and the Chuck series is basically a packaged audition for Yvonne to continue her combat persona.


It goes without saying. Strahovski already lent her voice and likeness to the Cerberus officer in Mass Effect 2. Should the movie finally happen, this is the easiest casting to take care of.


How would Strahovski look in a white wig and skin-tight black? I imagine nearly purrrfect! (That was bad. I’m sorry). But I saw Yvonne as a great fit around the time a Spider-Man 4 was planned.


The girl next door who can get a little rough around the edges, Uncharted’s leading lady is a lot like Chuck’s Sarah Walker- sweet, but tough, strong, but vulnerable.


The blonde and beautiful assassin from Tekken could be played with ease by Yvonne. The real challenge would be finding her rival sister Anna to match.


Yvonne could play any 3 of them, honestly. She’d be great as relic hunter Abbey Chase. It’d make sense to cast her as Aussie wild child, Sydney Savage. But she could also seamlessly embody the deadly Russian knife expert Natalia Kassle.


The accent is Aussie, not British, but that’s close enough, right? A great character like The White Queen needs to be so much better than what we got from January Jones in X-Men First Class.


On the DC end, the superhero I could see Strahovski playing is the Justice League’s Black Canary. Doesn’t matter if she’s original Dinah Drake or the daughter, Canary II- Let’s hear those pipes!


An athlete who showed she was more than adept at hand-to-hand combat, like the Chuck finale, Yvonne’s gotta be brainwashed for the bad guys. Here’s one pick that could help a Street Fighter movie not suck.


What Yvonne needs is force-fields and invisibility. A better fit than Jessica Alba was, Yvonne playing the scientist/superhero would be pretty (wait for it…) fantastic! (I’ll be here all week, folks!)


And finally, as one of the most powerful women in the Marvel universe, Yvonne Strahovski (as many fans have requested) would be excellent as the super-powered Ms. Marvel.

Anyone I'm forgetting? Have I gone overboard? Or is Yvonne Strahovski simply the best?
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