EDITORIAL: Why We Need The TV show "Arrow"?

And why we need to stop complaining, and give it a chance....

Why We Need The TV show "Arrow"?

As of today, 5/17/12, the CW has released a clip, several pictures, and a banner for there upcoming TV show entitled “Arrow.” A reboot and different the Green Arrow of Smallville, this show intends to bring superheroes back to the small screen. I have praised this show since its development, while others have bashed the show. I am here right now to tell you this: We need this show, we need to get a superhero show back on TV, and have something the CBM community can all sit down, watch, and enjoy on a weekly basis.

On Smallville, I did love Justin Hartley as Green Arrow. He had personality, a great costume, and a great demeanor to him that made any fan of the show love him. Of course Hartley is not back, but the new Green Arrow/Oliver McQueen Stephen Amell looks promising. From the recently released clip “Just Beginning” he looks to fit the playboy billionaire role, and is ripped. All of the other cast looks fine, there should be no problems. For those who have read the plot, sounds brilliant! There’s is so much going for this show, but yet I see so many CBMers not giving it the chance.

One key reason why we need this show is because we DO NOT have a superhero show on TV now, or anything really close to it. We need a live-action TV show for us fans to watch, review, speculate, and talk about within our CBM community. Superhero movies and TV shows have expanded to become one of the largest genres today, and with this type of TV show out there, it could get the proper exposure it deserves.

Green Arrow’s powers are nothing to extreme, he’s just a regular human with spectacular abilities. A cool costume and good persona can make the character fun and enjoyable for audiences of different genders and age groups to enjoy. Bringing in other DC heroes or villains can make the show even more fun. They really did that with Smallville, with a success in this show they can do that too.

There are so many possibilities for this show, why can’t we give it a chance? We have nothing to lose. It looks to be a fun, enjoyable, superhero show that is perfect for TV. Give this show a shot, tell your friends, families, co-workers to watch this show so we can expand the superhero universe even more! “Arrow” is full of amazing opportunities that we must take advantage of. CBMers who are against this show, stop complaining and embrace the fact that there’s an actual superhero show here to watch! Instead of ridiculous shows like “Charlie’s Angels,” “Breaking In,” and “Unforgettable,” we can get something with real action. With shows like Chuck gone, and really only Game of Thrones on Arrow will be perfect. For a DC, or Marvel fan, you have to give this show a chance. Quit bashing this show, and embrace it for all its trying to achieve. If the show sucks, it sucks. Big deal, we can move on. But with our support and open mind, we can allow this show to take over almost every television screen in America. This show is looking to create an enjoyable, ass-kicking time for us. Let’s watch this fall, without complaints, Arrow, and give it the chance to become part of our weekly ritual.

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